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5.2  Remote control robotp. 14

5.2.1  Descriptionp. 14

Human can use Remote control robot to operate some actions which they are not able to be on the spot. With real-time and synchronous visual, audio and haptic feedback, remote robot operator will perform reactions suitable for the situation, and remote control robot can follow operator's action to do the exact work. This can be used in many different scenarios. It can be applied to remote care for elderly, remote detonation, remote operation, remote maintenance of facility, remote firefighting, etc.

5.2.2  Pre-conditionsp. 14

Alice is the operator of a remote robot for maintaining underground pipe. She has a sticker which has the same DoF and structure with the maintain tool on the remote robot. Both Alice and robot is connected to a 5G network with the ability to transfer video, audio and haptic information.

5.2.3  Service Flowsp. 14

  1. Remote robot is at the spot of a damaged underground pipe, using integrated camera and sensor to send back video, audio and haptic information.
  2. Alice hold the control stick and can receive the haptic information, and receive the video, audio information synchronous on the screen and from the sound.
  3. After analysing these information, Alice perform the next move on the operator sticker.
  4. The haptic information including force and DoF transfer to remote robot, and the robot performs the same action.

5.2.4  Post-conditionsp. 14

Alice can remotely control the robot to finish the maintaining work.

5.2.5  Existing features partly or fully covering the use case functionalityp. 14

In TS 22.263, there are requirements for supporting video, imaging and audio for professional applications.

5.2.6  Potential New Requirements needed to support the use casep. 14

[PR 5.2.6-1]
The 5G system shall be able to support tactile and multi-modal communication service with following KPIs.
Use Cases Characteristic parameter (KPI) Influence quantity Remarks
Max allowed end-to-end latency Service bit rate: user-experienced data rate Reliability Message size (byte) # of UEs UE Speed Service Area [21]
Remote control robot1-20ms16 kbit/s - 2 Mbit/s
(without haptic compression encoding);
0.8 - 200 kbit/s
(with haptic compression encoding)
(≤ 50 km/h)
≤ 1 km²Haptic feedback
20-100ms16 kbit/s - 2 Mbit/s
(without haptic compression encoding);
0.8 - 200 kbit/s
(with haptic compression encoding)
99.99%2-8/DoF-Stationary or Pedestrian≤ 1 km²Haptic feedback
5 ms1-100 Mbit/s99.9%1500-Stationary or Pedestrian≤ 1 km²Video
5 ms5-512 kbit/s99.9%50-100-Stationary or Pedestrian≤ 1 km²Audio
5 ms< 1Mbit/s99.999%--Stationary or Pedestrian≤ 1 km²Sensor information
[PR 5.2.6-2]
The 5G system shall support a mechanism to allow an authorized 3rd party to provide QoS policy for flows of multiple UEs associated with an application. The policy may contain e.g. the expected 5GS handling and the associated triggering event.

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