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5.11.4  Group UEs' service continuityp. 32  Descriptionp. 32

After a bus is installed of mobile BS relay, the passengers in the bus can be served by the relay. When the bus is moving, it is possible for the relay to be handed over to a different macro node. Thus, no interruption to the ongoing services at the UEs in the bus will yield an improved user experience.  Pre-conditionsp. 32

The city bus company has assigned contract with operator AA to install mobile BS relay on the city buses. All the passengers in the buses can be served by the relay.
Passenger Anna, Jim are in the city bus RED. Anna opens her tablet and registers with the mobile base station relay mounted on the bus. She begins to play online game through her tablet. Jim opens his smartphone to register with the relay mounted on the bus then begins to view online video.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 22.839, Fig. 5.11.4-1: Anna and Jim in the city bus RED
Figure 5.11.4-1: Anna and Jim in the city bus RED
(⇒ copy of original 3GPP image)
Up  Service Flowsp. 33

RED bus moves along its route and the mobile base station relay mounted on the bus connecting with the serving macro node provides communication service for its passengers.
When it is moving, the radio signal which the relay received becomes weak.
The 5G system identifies that the relay can be better served by another macro node, and hands over the relay to that macro node.
All ongoing traffic of the passengers in the bus e.g. Jim's video, Anna's game etc. are transferred without service interruption.
Up  Post-conditionsp. 33

Anna's online gaming can go well during she is in the bus.
Jim's video can be viewed well either during he is in the bus.  Existing features partly or fully covering the use case functionalityp. 33

Current requirements (e.g. related to wireless self-backhaul, see clause 6.12 of TS 22.261) or existing functionalities (e.g. IAB), cover scenarios of autonomous configuration/adaptation of network topologies, but do not assume or fully address physical relay mobility.  Potential New Requirements needed to support the use casep. 33

[PR 5.11.4-1]
The 5G system shall be able to support efficient handover of a group of UEs' active communications when a mobile base station relay serving a group of in vehicle UEs moves between donor gNBs, ensuring end-to-end service continuity during mobility of the relay.

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