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6  Requirements for O&M [R8]PDF-p. 50
7  Iuh interface protocol structure [R8]PDF-p. 58
7.1  GeneralUp
7.2  Iuh
7.3  Iurh [R10]
7.3.1  Iurh-Interface Control Plane Protocol StackPDF-p. 65
7.3.2  Usage of the services provided by RNSAP User Adaptation Layer (RNA)PDF-p. 66
7.3.3  Interworking between the RNSAP User Adaptation Layer (RNA) and the Signalling Connection Control Part (SCCP) [R11]PDF-p. 70Up
8  Enhanced Interference Management [R10]PDF-p. 77
A  Implementation of CN functions within the HNB-GW for support of inter-HNB intra-HNB-GW SRNS Relocation [R10]PDF-p. 78Up
B  Deployment Architecture [R11]PDF-p. 85
C  Implementation of PSC Disambiguation for Support of Legacy UE Mobility from RNC to HNB [R11]PDF-p. 87
D  Change HistoryPDF-p. 91

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