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TR 25.928 (RAN6)
1,28 Mcps functionality for UTRA TDD physical layer

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V4.0.1 (PDF)    2001/04    111 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Aksentijevic, Mirko
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This TR describes the 1.28Mcps functionality for UTRA TDD physical layer, identifies commonalties and explains the differences to the 3.84Mcps chip rate. Suggestions for alignment will be provided too.


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1   Scope   PDF-p. 9
2   References
3   Abbreviations
4   Radio Requirements
5   High level characteristics   PDF-p. 12      Up
6   Physical layer - General description   PDF-p. 13
7   Physical channels and mapping of transport channels onto physical channels      Up
7.1   Transport channels
7.2   Physical channels
7.2.1   Frame structure
7.2.2   Dedicated physical channel (DPCH)   PDF-p. 15
7.2.3   Primary common control physical channel (P-CCPCH)   PDF-p. 30
7.2.4   Beacon function of physical channels   PDF-p. 35
7.2.5   Midamble Allocation for Physical Channels
7.3   Mapping of transport channels to physical channels
8.1   Transport channel coding/multiplexing
8.2   Coding for layer 1 control      Up

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