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TS 25.214 (RAN6)
UTRA – (FDD) Physical Layer Procedures

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Cozzo, Carmela
See also:  TS 36.213TS 25.224

The scope of this TS is to establish the characteristics of the physical layer procedures in the FDD mode, and to specify:
  • cell search procedures;
  • power control procedures;
  • random access procedure.


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1  Scope [R3]PDF-p. 8
2  References [R3]
3  Definitions and abbreviations [R3]
4  Synchronization procedures [R3]PDF-p. 11
5  Power control [R3]PDF-p. 19
5.1  Uplink power controlUp
5.1.1  PRACH
5.1.2  DPCCH/DPDCH/DPCCH2  General  Ordinary transmit power controlPDF-p. 20  Ordinary transmit power control for DPCCH2 [R12]PDF-p. 25  Transmit power control in compressed modePDF-p. 26  Transmit power control in compressed mode for DPCCH2 [R12]PDF-p. 28  Transmit power control in the uplink DPCCH power control preamblePDF-p. 29  Setting of the uplink DPCCH/DPDCH relative powers  Setting of the uplink HS-DPCCH power relative to DPCCH or DPCCH2 power [R5]PDF-p. 31Up  Setting of the uplink E-DPCCH and E-DPDCH powers relative to DPCCH power [R6]PDF-p. 34  Setting of the uplink DPCCH gain factor when no DPDCH is configured [R6]PDF-p. 40  Setting of the uplink S-DPCCH power relative to DPCCH power [R11]  Setting of the uplink S-E-DPCCH power relative to DPCCH power [R11]  Setting of the uplink S-E-DPDCH power relative to E-DPDCH power [R11]Up  Maximum and minimum power limitsPDF-p. 42
5.2  Downlink power controlPDF-p. 45

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