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TR 25.862 (RAN6)
RAB support for IMS

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V6.0.0 (Wzip)    2005/07    27 p.

Rapporteur:  Mr. Mikola, Juha
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This TR captures an analysis of the RABs that can be used in Release 5 in support of IMS, and different optimization proposals to improve the support of IMS in Release 6 or later.

The report may also serve as a basis to define test configurations to be incorporated in RAN5 for the test of IMS.

The report emphasises VoIP specifically, since it is where the optimization is most needed when comparing a non optimized IMS speech call and a R99 CS speech call.


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1   Scope   Word-p. 5
2   References
3   Definitions   Word-p. 6
4   Background and 1ntroduction
5   Overview of Optimization proposals
6   Conclusions
7   Recommendation
A   Link level simulations for secondary scrambling code solution:   Word-p. 23
B   Change history   Word-p. 26

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