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1…      9…   9.3…   10…     Puncture Limit [R7]  E-DCH Transport Format Combination Set Information (E-TFCS Information) [R7]  Reference E-TFCI Power Offset [R7]PDF-p. 138  E-TTI [R7]  E-DPCCH Power Offset [R7]Up  Cell Parameter ID [R7]  TFCI Coding [R7]  Repetition Length [R7]PDF-p. 139  Repetition Period [R7]  TDD DPCH Offset [R7]  UL Timeslot Information [R7]  Time Slot [R7]PDF-p. 140  Midamble Shift And Burst Type [R7]  TFCI Presence [R7]PDF-p. 141  TDD UL Code Information [R7]Up  TDD Channelisation Code [R7]PDF-p. 142  Special Burst Scheduling [R7]  Max PRACH Midamble Shift [R7]  PRACH Midamble [R7]  USCH Parameters [R7]PDF-p. 143  USCH Scheduling Offset [R7]  Include Velocity [R7]  Velocity Estimate [R7]PDF-p. 144  Horizontal Speed and Bearing [R7]PDF-p. 145  Vertical Velocity [R7]PDF-p. 146Up  GPS Positioning Instructions [R7]  UE Position Estimate Info [R7]PDF-p. 147  UTRAN-GPS Reference Time [R7]PDF-p. 148  UTRAN-GPS Reference Time Result [R7]PDF-p. 149  TUTRAN-GPS Drift Rate [R7]  Periodic Position Calculation Info [R7]  Periodic Location Info [R7]PDF-p. 150  Amount of Reporting [R7]  Measurement Instructions Used [R7]  RRC State Change [R7]Up  Periodic Position Termination Cause [R7]  Requested Cell-ID Measurements [R7]PDF-p. 151  DGANSS Corrections [R7]PDF-p. 154  GANSS Almanac and Satellite Health [R7]PDF-p. 156  GANSS Clock Model [R7]PDF-p. 162  GANSS Additional Clock Models [R8]PDF-p. 163  GANSS Ionospheric Model [R7]PDF-p. 166  GANSS Additional Ionospheric Model [R8]PDF-p. 167  GANSS Measured Results [R7]  GANSS Navigation Model [R7]PDF-p. 169Up  GANSS Additional Navigation Models [R8]PDF-p. 170  GANSS Orbit Model [R7]PDF-p. 171  GANSS Additional Orbit Models [R8]PDF-p. 172  GANSS Positioning Instructions [R7]PDF-p. 179  GANSS-UTRAN Time Relationship Uncertainty [R7]PDF-p. 181  GANSS Real Time Integrity [R7]  GANSS Reference Measurement Information [R7]PDF-p. 182  GANSS Reference Time [R7]PDF-p. 185  GANSS Time Model [R7]PDF-p. 186  GANSS Additional Time Models [R8]Up  GANSS UTC Model [R7]  GANSS Additional UTC Models [R8]PDF-p. 187  GANSS Time Indicator [R7]PDF-p. 191  GANSS Data Bit Assistance [R7]  Additional GPS Assistance Data Required [R7]PDF-p. 192  Additional GANSS Assistance Data Required [R7]PDF-p. 193  GANSS ID [R7]PDF-p. 196  GANSS Signal ID [R7]  GANSS Signal IDs [R8]  GPS Reference Time Uncertainty [R7]PDF-p. 197Up  GANSS Earth Orientation Parameters [R8]PDF-p. 198  SBAS ID [R8]  GANSS Auxiliary Information [R8]PDF-p. 199  UTRAN-GANSS Reference Time Result [R8]  GANSS Additional Ionospheric Model Request [R8]PDF-p. 200  GANSS Earth Orientation Parameters Request [R8]  Support for Non-Native Assistance Choices Indication [R8]  Position Data UE-Based [R8]  GANSS Code Phase Ambiguity Extension [R8]  GANSS Integer Code Phase Extension [R8]PDF-p. 201Up  GANSS Carrier-Phase Measurement Requested [R8]  GANSS Multi-frequency Measurement Requested [R8]  GANSS Additional Ionospheric Model Required [R8]PDF-p. 202  GANSS Earth Orientation Parameters Required [R8]  GANSS Additional Navigation Models Required [R8]  GANSS Additional UTC Models Required [R8]  GANSS Auxiliary Information Required [R8]  SBAS IDs [R8]  GANSS Additional Assistance Data Choices [R8]PDF-p. 203  Cell-ID Measured Results Sets [R8]Up  OTDOA Reference Cell Info SAS-centric mode [R9]PDF-p. 204  DGNSS Validity Period [R9]  IRAT Measured Results Info List [R10]  GERAN Cell Global Identity [R10]PDF-p. 205  GSM BSIC [R10]PDF-p. 206  IMSI [R10]  IMEI [R10]  BDS Ionospheric Grid Model [R12]PDF-p. 207  DBDS Correction Information [R12]  Additional Positioning Measured Results [R13]PDF-p. 208Up
9.3  Message and Information Element Abstract Syntax (with ASN.1)PDF-p. 211
9.4  Message Transfer SyntaxPDF-p. 337Up

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