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9.2   Information Element Functional Definition and Contents
9.2.0   General
9.2.1   Common parameters   Add/Delete Indicator      Up   Allocation/Retention Priority   Alternative Format Reporting Indicator [R7]   PDF-p. 531   Availability Status   BCCH Modification Time   Binding ID   PDF-p. 532   BLER [R5]   Blocking Priority Indicator   Burst Mode Parameters [R4]   Broadcast Common Transport Bearer Indication [R7]   PDF-p. 533   Broadcast Reference [R7]      Up   Cause   PDF-p. 534   CFN   PDF-p. 541   CFN Offset   PDF-p. 542   C-ID   Common Channels Capacity Consumption Law   Common Measurement Accuracy [R4]   PDF-p. 543   Common Measurement Object Type   Common Measurement Type   Common Measurement Value   PDF-p. 545   Common Measurement Value Information   PDF-p. 551      Up   Common Physical Channel ID   PDF-p. 552   Common Physical Channel Status Information   Common Transport Channel ID   Common Transport Channel Information Response   Common Transport Channel Status Information   Communication Control Port ID   Configuration Generation ID   PDF-p. 553   Criticality Diagnostics   CRNC Communication Context ID   PDF-p. 555   CTFC      Up   DCH Combination Indicator   PDF-p. 556   DCH ID   Dedicated Channels Capacity Consumption Law   DL Or Global Capacity Credit   PDF-p. 557   DCH Information Response   PDF-p. 558   DL Power   Dedicated Measurement Object Type   Dedicated Measurement Type   Dedicated Measurement Value   PDF-p. 559   Dedicated Measurement Value Information   PDF-p. 562      Up   DGPS Corrections [R4]   Delayed Activation [R5]   PDF-p. 563   Delayed Activation Update [R5]   PDF-p. 564   Discard Timer [R5]   Diversity Control Field   Diversity Indication   PDF-p. 565   DL DPCH Timing Adjustment [R5]   DSCH ID   DSCH Information Response   DSCH Transport Format Set      Up   DSCH Transport Format Combination Set   End Of Audit Sequence Indicator   FN Reporting Indicator   Frame Handling Priority   PDF-p. 566   Frame Offset   IB_OC_ID   GPS Navigation Model & Time Recovery [R4]   GPS Ionospheric Model [R4]   PDF-p. 568   GPS UTC Model [R4]   GPS Real-Time Integrity [R4]   PDF-p. 569      Up   GPS Almanac [R4]   GPS Receiver Geographical Position (GPS RX Pos) [R4]   PDF-p. 570   HSDPA Capability [R5]   PDF-p. 571   HS-DSCH Information To Modify [R5]   HS-DSCH Information To Modify Unsynchronised [R5]   PDF-p. 575   HS-DSCH Initial Capacity Allocation [R5]   PDF-p. 578   HS-DSCH Initial Window Size [R5]   HS-DSCH MAC-d Flow ID [R5]   PDF-p. 579   HS-DSCH MAC-d Flows Information [R5]   HS-DSCH MAC-d Flows To Delete [R5]   PDF-p. 581      Up   HS-DSCH MAC-d PDU Size Capability [R7]   HS-DSCH MAC-d PDU Size Format [R7]   HS-DSCH Physical Layer Category [R5]   HS-DSCH Provided Bit Rate Value [R5]   PDF-p. 582   HS-DSCH Provided Bit Rate Value Information [R5]   HS-DSCH Required Power Value [R5]   HS-DSCH Required Power Value Information [R5]   HS-DSCH RNTI [R5]   PDF-p. 583   HS-SCCH Code Change Indicator [R5]   HS-SCCH Code Change Grant [R5]      Up   HS-PDSCH Code Change Indicator [FDD] [R7]   HS-PDSCH Code Change Grant [FDD] [R7]   PDF-p. 584   IB_SG_DATA   IB_SG_POS   IB_SG_REP   IB Type   Indication Type   PDF-p. 585   Information Exchange Object Type [R4]   Information Report Characteristics [R4]   PDF-p. 586   Information Exchange ID [R4]      Up   Information Type [R4]   Information Threshold [R4]   PDF-p. 589   IPDL Indicator [R4]   PDF-p. 590   Limited Power Increase   Local Cell Group ID   Local Cell ID   MAC-d PDU Size [R5]   MAC-hs Guaranteed Bit Rate [R5]   PDF-p. 591   MAC-hs Reordering Buffer Size for RLC-UM [R5]   MAC-hs Reset Indicator [R7]      Up   MAC-hs Window Size [R5]   MAC PDU Size Extended [R7]   Maximum DL Power Capability   PDF-p. 592   Maximum Transmission Power   Measurement Availability Indicator   Measurement Change Time   Measurement Filter Coefficient   Measurement Hysteresis Time   Measurement ID   PDF-p. 593   Measurement Increase/Decrease Threshold      Up   Measurement Recovery Behavior [R6]   PDF-p. 596   Measurement Recovery Reporting Indicator [R6]   Measurement Recovery Support Indicator [R6]   PDF-p. 597   Measurement Threshold   Message Discriminator   PDF-p. 602   Message Structure   Message Type   MICH CFN [R6]   PDF-p. 603   Minimum DL Power Capability   Minimum Spreading Factor      Up   Modification Period [R6]   N_INSYNC_IND   PDF-p. 604   N_OUTSYNC_IND   Neighbouring FDD Cell Measurement Information [R4]   Neighbouring TDD Cell Measurement Information [R4]   Neighbouring TDD Cell Measurement Information LCR [R5]   NI [R6]   PDF-p. 605   Node B Communication Context ID   Payload CRC Presence Indicator   PICH Power      Up   Power Local Cell Group ID [R5]   PDF-p. 606   Priority Queue ID [R5]   Process Memory Size [R5]

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