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9.2   Information Element Definitions
9.2.0   General
9.2.1   Radio Network Layer Related IEs   Message Type   RAB ID   PDF-p. 162   RAB Parameters      Up   Cause   PDF-p. 174   CN Domain Indicator   PDF-p. 183   Trace Type   Trigger ID   Trace Reference   UE Identity   PDF-p. 184   OMC ID   Integrity Protection Information   PDF-p. 185   Encryption Information   Chosen Integrity Protection Algorithm      Up   Chosen Encryption Algorithm   Categorisation Parameters   PDF-p. 186   Request Type   Data Volume Reporting Indication   User Plane Mode   UP Mode Versions   PDF-p. 187   Chosen UP Version   Paging Area ID   Non Searching Indication   Relocation Type   PDF-p. 188      Up   Source ID   Target ID   MS Classmark 2   PDF-p. 190   MS Classmark 3   Source RNC to Target RNC Transparent Container   Old BSS to New BSS Information   PDF-p. 194   Target RNC to Source RNC Transparent Container   Source to Target Transparent Container [R8]   Target to Source Transparent Container [R8]   PDF-p. 195   TAI [R8]      Up   L3 Information   Number of Steps   PDF-p. 196   DL N-PDU Sequence Number   UL N-PDU Sequence Number   Criticality Diagnostics   Key Status   PDF-p. 198   DRX Cycle Length Coefficient   Iu Signalling Connection Identifier   Global RNC-ID   Extended RNC-ID [R7]   PDF-p. 199      Up   PDP Type Information   PDP Type Information extension [R9]   Service Handover   PDF-p. 200   Message Structure   Alternative RAB Parameter Values [R4]   PDF-p. 201   Assigned RAB Parameter Values [R4]   PDF-p. 204   Requested RAB Parameter Values [R4]   PDF-p. 206   Global CN-ID [R4]   PDF-p. 208   Vertical Accuracy Code [R4]   Response Time [R4]      Up   Positioning Priority [R4]   Client Type [R4]   PDF-p. 209   New BSS to Old BSS Information [R5]   Inter-System Information Transparent Container [R5]   Cell Load Information [R5]   Cell Capacity Class Value [R5]   PDF-p. 210   Load Value [R5]   RT Load Value [R5]   NRT Load Information Value [R5]   Source RNC PDCP context info [R5]   PDF-p. 211      Up   Information Transfer ID [R5]   Provided Data [R5]   GERAN Classmark [R5]   GERAN BSC Container [R5]   UESBI-Iu [R5]   PDF-p. 212   Cell Load Information Group [R5]   Source Cell Identifier [R5]   PDF-p. 213   Inter-system Information Transfer Type [R6]   Information Transfer Type [R6]   RNC Trace Session Information [R6]   PDF-p. 214      Up   Equipments To Be Traced [R6]   Trace Recording Session Information [R6]   PDF-p. 216   Trace Recording Session Reference [R6]   Trace Propagation Parameters [R6]   Trace Depth [R6]   List Of Interfaces To Trace [R6]   PDF-p. 217   Information Exchange ID [R6]   Information Exchange Type [R6]   Information Request Type [R6]   Information Requested [R6]      Up   PTP RAB ID [R6]   PDF-p. 218   Frequency Layer Convergence Flag [R6]   Session Update ID [R6]   MBMS IP Multicast Address and APN Request [R6]   Source BSS to Target BSS Transparent Container [R6]   PDF-p. 219   Target BSS to Source BSS Transparent Container [R6]   Include Velocity [R7]   Periodic Location Info [R7]   Last Visited UTRAN Cell Information [R8]   PDF-p. 220   MBMS HC Indicator [R8]      Up   CSG Id [R8]   Subscriber Profile ID for RAT/Frequency priority [R8]   SRVCC operation possible [R8]   PDF-p. 221   SRVCC HO Indication [R8]   SRVCC Information [R8]   E-UTRAN Service Handover [R8]   UE Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate [R9]   CSG Membership Status [R9]   PDF-p. 222   Cell Access Mode [R9]   Offload RAB Parameters [R10]      Up   MSISDN [R10]   PDF-p. 223   IRAT Measurement Configuration [R10]   MDT Configuration [R10]   PDF-p. 224   M1 Report [R10]   PDF-p. 227   M2 Report [R10]   MDT Report parameters [R10]   RNSAP Relocation Parameters [R10]   PDF-p. 228   RAB Parameters List [R10]   RAB Data Volume Report [R10]   UP Information [R10]   PDF-p. 229      Up   Location Reporting Transfer Information [R10]   PDF-p. 230   Trace Information [R10]   Frame Sequence Number [R10]   PDF-p. 231   PDU Type 14 Frame Sequence Number [R10]   Priority Class Indicator [R10]   Management Based MDT Allowed [R10]   End Of CSFB [R10]   Out Of UTRAN [R11]   PDF-p. 232   Voice Support Match Indicator [R11]   rSRVCC HO Indication [R11]      Up   rSRVCC Information [R11]   MDT PLMN List [R11]   M4 Report [R11]   PDF-p. 233   M5 Report [R11]   M6 Report [R11]   M7 Report [R11]   PDF-p. 234   rSRVCC operation possible [R11]   UTRAN Cell Identifier [R11]   LHN ID [R12]   Session Re-establishment Indicator [R12]   PDF-p. 235      Up   UE Registration Query Result [R13]   Power Saving Indicator [R13]   UE Application layer measurement configuration [R14]   Area scope for UE application layer measurement configuration [R14]   PDF-p. 236   UE Application layer measurement configuration for relocation [R14]
9.2.2   Transport Network Layer Related IEs   PDF-p. 237
9.2.3   NAS Related IEs   Permanent NAS UE Identity   Temporary UE ID   PDF-p. 239   Paging Cause   NAS Broadcast Information   PDF-p. 240   NAS PDU   LAI   RAC      Up   SAPI   PDF-p. 241   SAI   Area Identity   Geographical Area   Unsuccessfully Transmitted Data Volume   PDF-p. 244   Data Volume Reference   PDF-p. 245   Information Identity   Information Priority   Information Control   CN Broadcast Area      Up   NAS Synchronisation Indicator   Location Related Data Request Type [R4]   Broadcast Assistance Data Deciphering keys [R4]   PDF-p. 246   Requested GPS Assistance Data [R4]   PDF-p. 247   Last Known Service Area [R4]   Shared Network Information [R5]   SNA Access Information [R5]   SNAC [R5]   PDF-p. 248   Location Related Data Request Type Specific To GERAN Iu Mode [R5]   Position Data [R5]      Up   Position Data Specific To GERAN Iu Mode [R5]   PDF-p. 252   Accuracy Fulfilment Indicator [R6]   RIM Transfer [R6]   RIM Information [R6]   RIM Routing Address [R6]   Selected PLMN Identity [R6]   PDF-p. 253   NAS Sequence Number [R6]   PDF-p. 254   Redirection Completed [R6]   Redirection Indication [R6]   TMGI [R6]   PDF-p. 255      Up   MBMS Session Identity [R6]   MBMS Bearer Service Type [R6]   MBMS Counting Information [R6]   MBMS Session Duration [R6]   MBMS Service Area [R6]   RA List of Idle Mode UEs [R6]   PDF-p. 256   Delta RA List of Idle Mode UEs [R6]   MBMS CN De-Registration [R6]   PDF-p. 257   MBMS Registration Request Type [R6]   PDF-p. 258   Requested MBMS IP Multicast Address and APN [R6]      Up   Requested Multicast Service List [R6]   MBMS Session Repetition Number [R6]   PDF-p. 259   Time to MBMS Data Transfer [R6]   Redirect Attempt Flag [R6]   Velocity Estimate [R7]   RAT Type [R7]   PDF-p. 262   Requested GANSS Assistance Data [R7]   Higher bitrates than 16 Mbps flag [R9]   PLMN Identity [R12]   Additional CS/PS coordination information [R13]      Up   SGSN Group Identity [R13]   PDF-p. 263   Barometric Pressure [R13]   Civic Address [R13]

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