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8   Performance requirement [R3]
8.1   General
8.2   Demodulation in static propagation conditions   PDF-p. 167
8.3   Demodulation of DCH in multi-path fading propagation conditions
8.4   Demodulation of DCH in moving propagation conditions   PDF-p. 173
8.5   Demodulation of DCH in birth-death propagation conditions   PDF-p. 174
8.5A   Demodulation of DCH in high speed train condition [R8]
8.6   Demodulation of DCH in downlink Transmit diversity modes   PDF-p. 175
8.7   Demodulation in Handover conditions   PDF-p. 177
8.8   Power control in downlink   PDF-p. 183
8.9   Downlink compressed mode
8.10   Blind transport format detection      Up
8.11   Detection of Broadcast channel (BCH) [R4]   PDF-p. 197
8.11A   Detection of Broadcast channel (BCH) mapped to S-CCPCH [R12]
8.12   Demodulation of Paging Channel (PCH) [R4]
8.13   Detection of Acquisition Indicator (AI) [R4]   PDF-p. 200      Up
8.13A   Detection of E-DCH Acquisition Indicator (E-AI) [R8]
8.14   UE UL power control operation with discontinuous UL DPCCH transmission operation [R7]   PDF-p. 201
8.15   Void
8.16   Void
8.17   UE UL power control operation with Algorithm 3 [R13]   PDF-p. 202

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