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6.5   Transmit ON/OFF power   PDF-p. 49
6.5.1   Transmit OFF power
6.5.2   Transmit ON/OFF Time mask
6.5.3   Change of TFC
6.5.4   Power setting in uplink compressed mode
6.5.5   HS-DPCCH [R5]
6.6   Output RF spectrum emissions
6.6.1   Occupied bandwidth
6.6.1A   Occupied bandwidth for DC-HSUPA [R9]   PDF-p. 61
6.6.1B   Occupied bandwidth for UL OLTD [R11]      Up
6.6.1C   Occupied bandwidth for UL CLTD [R11]
6.6.1D   Occupied bandwidth for UL MIMO [R11]
6.6.1E   Occupied bandwidth for DB-DC-HSUPA [R13]
6.6.2   Out of band emission
6.6.3   Spurious emissions
6.7   Transmit intermodulation   PDF-p. 83      Up
6.8   Transmit modulation   PDF-p. 84
6.8.1   Transmit pulse shape filter
6.8.1A   Additional requirement for UL OLTD [R11]
6.8.1B   Additional requirement for UL CLTD [R11]      Up
6.8.1C   Additional requirement for UL MIMO [R11]
6.8.1D   Additional requirement for DB-DC-HSUPA [R13]
6.8.2   Error Vector Magnitude
6.8.3   Peak code domain error      Up
6.8.3a   Relative code domain error [R6]   PDF-p. 88
6.8.3b   In-band emission for DC-HSUPA [R9]
6.8.4   Phase discontinuity for uplink DPCH [R5]
6.8.5   Phase discontinuity for HS-DPCCH [R6]      Up
6.8.6   Phase discontinuity for E-DCH [R8]   PDF-p. 92
6.8.7   Time alignment error for DC-HSUPA [R9]
6.8.7A   Time alignment error for UL OLTD [R11]
6.8.7B   Time alignment error for UL CLTD [R11]
6.8.7C   Time alignment error for UL MIMO [R11]   PDF-p. 94
6.8.7D   Time alignment error for DB-DC-HSUPA [R13]

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