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Glossary of 3GPP Features and Services

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TS 02.53   …   TS 22.053     from GSM Rel-98
Stage 1

TS 03.53   …   TS 23.053     from GSM Rel-98
Stage 2

TS 08.62   …   TS 28.062     from GSM Rel-98
Inband TFO of Speech Codecs - Stage 3


Clause 8.2.3  of  TS 22.173     from Rel-8
MMTEL (MTSI) Stage 1 – TIP
Clause 8.2.4  of  TS 22.173     from Rel-8
MMTEL (MTSI) Stage 1 – TIR

TS 24.608     from Rel-8
TIP and TIR using IMS - Protocol specification


TS 35.231     from Rel-12
Document 1: Algorithm specification
TS 35.232     from Rel-12
Document 2: Implementers' test data
TS 35.233     from Rel-12
Document 3: Design conformance test data
TR 35.934     from Rel-12
Document 4: Report on the design and evaluation
TR 35.935     from Rel-12
Document 5: Performance evaluation
TR 35.936     from Rel-12
Document 6: Security assessment


Clause 32  of  TS 22.101     from Rel-14
3GPP enhancement for TV application support
Clause 5.2.13  of  TS 22.115     from Rel-14
3GPP enhancement for TV application support
TR 22.816     Rel-14
3GPP enhancement for TV service

TR 23.746     Rel-14
Study on System Architecture Enhancements to eMBMS for Television Video Service
Clause 7.5  of  TS 23.246     from Rel-14
Enhanced TV services support over E-UTRAN
Annex C  of  TS 23.246     from Rel-14
TV services delivery using unicast mode and switching between broadcast and unicast modes for E-UTRAN

TS 24.116     from Rel-14
Stage 3 aspects of system architecture enhancements for TV services
TS 24.117     from Rel-14
TV service configuration Management Object (MO)

TS 26.116     from Rel-13
Television (TV) over 3GPP services - Video profiles
TR 26.949     from Rel-13
Video formats for 3GPP services
TR 26.917     from Rel-15
MBMS/PSS Enhancements to Support Television Services