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Glossary of 3GPP Features and Services

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TR 36.889     Rel-13
Feasibility Study on Licensed-Assisted Access to Unlicensed Spectrum

Clause 5.7  of  TS 36.300     Rel-13
Physical Layer for E-UTRA – LAA

Clause 15  of  TS 36.213     Rel-13
E-UTRA – Channel access procedures for LAA

TR 36.789     Rel-14
Multi-node tests for LAA


see  LCLS  under  CS Core Network


TS 02.71   …   TS 22.071     from GSM Rel-98
LCS - Stage 1

TS 03.71   …   TS 23.171     from Rel-98 to Rel-3
LCS - Stage 2 (UMTS)
TS 23.271     from Rel-4
LCS - Stage 2
TR 23.871     Rel-5
Enhanced support for user privacy in Location Services (LCS)
TR 23.891     Rel-9
Evaluation of LCS Control Plane Solutions for EPS

TS 04.30   …   TS 24.030     from GSM Rel-98
LCS - Supplementary service operations - Stage 3
TS 24.171     from Rel-9
Control Plane LCS procedures in the EPS

TS 29.171     from Rel-9
LCS-AP between MME and E-SMLC - SLs interface
TS 29.172     from Rel-9
EPC LCS Protocol between GMLC and MME - SLg interface
TS 29.173     from Rel-9
Diameter-based SLh interface for Control Plane LCS

TS 32.271     from Rel-6
LCS Charging


TS 43.059     from Rel-4

TS 04.31   …   TS 44.031     from GSM Rel-98
MS-SMLC Radio Resource LCS Protocol (RRLP)
TS 04.35   …   TS 44.035     from GSM Rel-98
Broadcast network assistance for E-OTD and GPS positioning methods
TS 04.71   …   TS 44.071     from GSM Rel-98
LMU LCS Protocol (LLP)

TS 08.71   …   TS 48.071     from GSM Rel-98
SMLC-BSS interface - Layer 3
TS 08.31   …   TS 48.031     from GSM Rel-98
SMLC-SMLC - SMLCPP specification

TS 09.31   …   TS 49.031     from GSM Rel-98
Base Station System Application Part LCS Extension (BSSAP-LE)


TS 25.305     from Rel-3
UE positioning in UTRAN
TS 25.450     .451     .452     .453     from Rel-5
Iupc interface - Positioning Calculation Application Part (PCAP)
TS 25.111     from Rel-7
LMU performance specification - UE positioning in UTRAN


TS 36.305     from Rel-9
UE positioning in E-UTRAN
TS 36.355     from Rel-9
LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP)
TS 36.455     from Rel-9
LTE Positioning Protocol A (LPPa)
TS 36.456     .457     .458     .459     from Rel-9
SLm Application Protocol (SLmAP)
TS 36.111     from Rel-11
LMU performance specification - Network-based positioning systems in E-UTRAN
TR 36.809     Rel-12
RF pattern matching location method in LTE


TS 38.455     from Rel-15
NR Positioning Protocol A (NRPPa)


TR 01.33   …   TR 41.033     from GSM Rel-98
Lawful Interception for GSM - Requirements

TS 02.33   …   TS 42.033     from GSM Rel-98
Lawful Interception - Stage 1

TS 03.33   …   TS 43.033     from GSM Rel-98
Lawful Interception - Stage 2

TS 33.106     from Rel-3
Lawful Interception Requirements
TS 33.107     from Rel-3
Lawful Interception Architecture and Functions
TS 33.108     from Rel-5
Handover Interface for Lawful Interception

TR 33.827     Rel-14
Study on providing for LI in the S8 Home Routeing (S8HR) architecture for VoLTE


see  E-UTRAN


Clause 22A.1  of  TS 36.300     from Rel-13
Stage 2

TS 36.360     from Rel-13
E-UTRA - LWA Adaptation Protocol (LWAAP)

Annex G  of  TS 33.401     from Rel-13


Clause 22A.3  of  TS 36.300     from Rel-13
Stage 2

TS 36.361     from Rel-13
E-UTRA - LWIP encapsulation - Protocol specification

Annex H  of  TS 33.401     from Rel-13