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3GPP Glossaries:  Features and Services
for letter 'C' (3 of 4)


 Common   Specific   Studies


TS 22.115     from Rel-3
Charging and Billing – Requirements

TS 32.240     from Rel-6
Charging Architecture and Principles
TS 32.280     from Rel-8
AoC service
TS 32.281     from Rel-13
Announcement service
TS 32.293     from Rel-12
Proxy function
TS 32.295     from Rel-6
CDR transfer
TS 32.296     from Rel-6
OCS Applications and Interfaces
TS 32.297     from Rel-6
CDR file format and transfer
TS 32.298     from Rel-6
CDR parameter description
TS 32.299     from Rel-6
Diameter charging applications

 Common   Specific   Studies


TS 32.250     from Rel-6
CS Domain Charging
TS 32.251     from Rel-6
PS Domain Charging
TS 32.253     from Rel-13
Control Plane Data Transfer Domain Charging
TS 32.260     from Rel-6
IMS Charging
TS 32.270     from Rel-6
MMS Charging
TS 32.271     from Rel-6
LCS Charging
TS 32.272     from Rel-6
PoC Charging
TS 32.273     from Rel-6
MBMS Charging
TS 32.274     from Rel-8
SMS Charging
TS 32.275     from Rel-8
MMTel Charging
TS 32.276     from Rel-12
VCS Charging
TS 32.277     from Rel-12
ProSe Charging
TS 32.278     from Rel-13
Monitoring Event Charging

 Common   Specific   Studies


TR 32.815     Rel-6
OCS architecture study
TR 32.820     Rel-8
Study on EPC charging aspects
TR 32.825     Rel-10
Rc reference point study
TR 32.843     Rel-13
Study on Inter-PLMN PS domain online charging
TR 32.844     Rel-12
Study of charging support of ProSe direct communication for public safety use
TR 32.849     Rel-13
Study on Charging aspects of Roaming end-to-end scenarios with VoLTE IMS and interconnecting networks
TR 32.850     Rel-14
Study on determination of completeness of Charging information in IMS


TR 23.720     Rel-13
Study on architecture enhancements for CIoT

TR 23.730     Rel-14
Study on extended architecture support for CIoT

TR 23.724     Rel-16
Study on CIoT support and evolution for the 5G System

TR 45.820     Rel-13
Cellular system support for ultra-low complexity and low throughput IoT

TR 33.860     Rel-13
Study on EGPRS access security enhancements with relation to CIoT

TR 33.861     Rel-16
Study on evolution of CIoT Security for the 5G System

Clause 2.23  of  TS 23.008     from Rel-13
Data related to Cellular IoT Control Plane Optimizations

Annex L  of  TS 23.401     from Rel-13
Optimized EPS Architecture option for CIoT

Annex B  of  TS 29.061     from Rel-13
Rate control related to CIoT optimisations

Annex H  of  TS 43.020     from Rel-13
Access security related functions for EGPRS in relation to CIoT

Clause 7.3a  of  TS 36.300     from Rel-13
CIoT signalling reduction optimizations for NB-IoT


TS 02.81   …   TS 22.081     from GSM Phase-2
Stage 1

TS 03.81   …   TS 23.081     from GSM Phase-2
Stage 2

TS 04.81   …   TS 24.081     from GSM Phase-2
Stage 3


TS 02.96   …   TS 22.096     from GSM Rel-97
Stage 1

TS 03.96   …   TS 23.096     from GSM Rel-97
Stage 2

TS 04.96   …   TS 24.096     from GSM Rel-97
Stage 3


TR 36.819     Rel-11
Coordinated multi-point operation for LTE physical layer aspects
TR 36.874     Rel-12
Coordinated multi-point operation for LTE with non-ideal backhaul
TR 36.741     Rel-14
Study on further enhancements to Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) Operation for LTE
TR 36.742     Rel-15
Study on Self-Organizing Networks (SON) for enhanced Coordinated Multi-Point (eCoMP)
Clause 16.1.9  of  TS 36.300     from Rel-12
Inter-eNB CoMP


Clause 8.2.13  of  TS 22.173     from Rel-8

TS 24.605     from Rel-8
CONF using IMS - Protocol specification


TS 22.183     from Rel-9
CRS - Customized Ringing Signal - Stage 1

Clause 8.2.22  of  TS 22.173     from Rel-8
MMTEL (MTSI) Stage 1 – Customized Ringing Signal

TS 24.183     from Rel-9
IMS Customized Ringing Signal (CRS) - Protocol specification

Clause 5.9  of  TS 33.106     from Rel-10
Lawful Interception requirements for CRS

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