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Glossary of 3GPP Network Entities

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specified from  Rel-8  in
TS 23.216, clause 5.3.1 

3GPP2 1xCS IWS uses the S102 reference point to communicate with the MME and to transport 3GPP2 1xCS signalling messages to the SRVCC UE. The role of the 3GPP2 1xCS IWS is:
  • to be a signalling tunnelling end point towards the MME for receiving/sending encapsulated 3GPP2 1xCS signalling messages to/from the UE; and
  • to emulate a 1xRTT BSS towards the 1xRTT MSC (reference point A1 as defined in 3GPP2 A.S0014 between 1xBS and MSC).


specified from  Rel-15  in
TS 23.501, clause 6.2.15 

This network function exposes the N5g-eir service.