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1  Scopep. 6

The present document provides the security aspects for the 5G system to facilitate vehicular communications for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) services. The architecture for these V2X services is described in TS 23.287, which is based on the service requirements defined in TS 22.185 and TS 22.186.

2  Referencesp. 6

The following documents contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of the present document.
  • References are either specific (identified by date of publication, edition number, version number, etc.) or non-specific.
  • For a specific reference, subsequent revisions do not apply.
  • For a non-specific reference, the latest version applies. In the case of a reference to a 3GPP document (including a GSM document), a non-specific reference implicitly refers to the latest version of that document in the same Release as the present document.
TR 21.905: "Vocabulary for 3GPP Specifications".
TS 23.287: "Architecture enhancements for 5G System (5GS) to support Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) services".
TS 22.185: "Service requirements for V2X services; Stage 1".
TS 22.186: "Service requirements for enhanced V2X scenarios".
TS 33.185: "Security aspect for LTE support of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) services".
TS 33.501: "Security architecture and procedures for 5G system".
TS 33.220: "Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA); Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA)".
TS 24.587: "Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) services in 5G System (5GS); Stage 3".
TS 38.323: "NR; Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) specification".

3  Definitions of terms, symbols and abbreviationsp. 6

3.1  Termsp. 6


3.2  Symbolsp. 6


3.3  Abbreviationsp. 7

For the purposes of the present document, the abbreviations given in TR 21.905 and the following apply. An abbreviation defined in the present document takes precedence over the definition of the same abbreviation, if any, in TR 21.905.
5G Core
New Radio (5G)
NR PC5 Encryption Key
NR PC5 Integrity Key

4  Overview of advanced V2X security architecturep. 7

4.1  Generalp. 7

The V2X architecture is described in TS 23.287 which describes V2X communication over both the Uu reference point supported by E-UTRA connected to 5GC and/or NR connected to 5GC and PC5 reference point supported by E-UTRA and/or NR. The NR based PC5 reference point supports unicast, groupcast and broadcast modes (see TS 23.287).
The security for PC5 reference point supported by E-UTRA is given in TS 33.185. The security for the other cases is given in the present document.

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