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22  Cell Supplemental Information Reporting |R15|

22.1  General

The LEAs, when location reporting is authorized, have a need to identify the geo-location or civic location of cell sites when one or more Cell Identities are provided in IRI. For each Cell Identity provided in the IRI for location, the CSP has an obligation to provide the specific Cell site information servicing the target. A Cell Site Reporting capability is an option for an operator to provide this supplemental cell site location information in automated fashion to the LEAs. Other means may be possible, e.g. the capability to send the all or selected sets of Cell Supplemental Information records directly to the LEMF on a one-way update at a time chosen by the operator, but are not specified here. The DF will be tasked to deliver a Cell Site Report (CSR) that is inclusive of the cell site information retained in a CSP Cell Database. It is assumed that the source of information for this comes from CSP network engineering and network planning facilities.
For each cell ID encountered in the IRI being reported to the LEA, the CSP may consult internal network records and assemble the geo-location or civic location information, and add this supplemental cell information to the IRI being reported to the LEA, if the IRI event has been sent to the LEMF the DF will generate a CSR.

22.2  Cell Site Report DeliveryWord‑p. 261
The report process is initiated when a DF determines a Cell Identity is contained in an IRI event and when location reporting is authorized.
If the specific Cell supplemental information has not been sent for the interception in the IRI event, the DFs reporting process will produce a report called CSR for the Cell Identity reported in the IRI and forward this report to the LEA.
If the Cell supplemental information for the current Cell Identity has been previously sent for the interception, based on operator policy, the CSR delivery process shall be able to assume that the LEA has retained the Cell supplemental information and not resend this Cell supplemental information. When the Cell Identity changes, during the session for whatever reason, and this new cell supplemental information has changed from what was previously sent for the interception, the new Cell site information shall be reported in the location parameter of the new IRI event or a new CSR report based on operator policy will be sent to the LEMF.

22.3  LI_CELL_INFO Interface

The LI_CELL_INFO interface is implementation specific between the DF2 and the source(s) of operator's cell site information regarding the PLMN. The source(s) of this cell site information may be consulted to produce the CSR. The details of this interface are outside the scope of this specification.

22.4  Cell Site Report

Once the Cell site is identified and operator specific cell site information source(s) consulted the DF shall add appropriate cell location related elements within the database to the location parameter in the IRI event or provide the CSR. Once a Cell site is reported during a LI, the operator shall be able to assume that the LEA will retain the Cell site reports for the duration of the LI reportable session and redundant reports may be suppressed based on operator policy. The following parameters in Table 22.4.1 are considered as a high level view of information that can be reported as an example of a report to be sent to the MF/DF.

Cell Identity
The Cell Identifier as reported in IRI.
If used by CSPs with an alternative naming scheme for cells.
Time Stamp
Shall include the Date and Time of the report.
Shall include the Operator ID.
Cell Azimuth
If known, to include the azimuth of the direction the antenna is pointing (in degrees).
If known, the geo-position of the cell site (latitude and longitude).
Civic Address
If known, shall include the civic address of the cell site.
Other operator specific information
Based on operator policy, other information that is CSP specific can be reported as Carrier-specific information whose format is not standardized. If the CSP chooses to report Carrier-specific information the CSP shall provide LE with details of the structure of the information to allow LEA interpretation of the data.


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