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B (Normative)  3gpp-Sbi-Callback Typesp. 132

This Annex specifies allowed 3GPP SBI callback type values for the "3gpp-Sbi-Callback" HTTP custom header specified in clause
Table B-1 contains a non-exhaustive list of callbacks that are invoked in the 5GS.
Value for "3gpp-Sbi-Callback" Custom HTTP Header Reference
"Nsmf_PDUSession_Update" Clause,, and ofTS 29.502
"Nsmf_PDUSession_StatusNotify" Clause of TS 29.502
"Nudm_SDM_Notification" Clause of TS 29.503
"Nudm_UECM_DeregistrationNotification" Clause of TS 29.503
"Nudm_UECM_PCSCFRestorationNotification" Clause of TS 29.503
"Nnrf_NFManagement_NFStatusNotify" Clause of TS 29.510
"Namf_EventExposure_Notify" Clause of TS 29.518
"Npcf_UEPolicyControl_UpdateNotify" Clauses 4.2.4, 5.5.2 and 5.5.3 of TS 29.525
"Nnssf_NSSAIAvailability_Notification" Clause of TS 29.531
"Namf_Communication_AMFStatusChangeNotify" Clause of TS 29.518
"Ngmlc_Location_EventNotify" Clause of TS 29.515
"Nchf_ConvergedCharging_Notify" Clause of TS 32.291
"Nnssaaf_NSSAA_ReAuthentication" Clause of TS 29.526
"Nnssaaf_NSSAA_Revocation" Clause of TS 29.526
"N5g-ddnmf_Discovery_MonitorUpdateResult" Clause of TS 29.555
"N5g-ddnmf_Discovery_MatchInformation" Clause of TS 29.555
For notification and callback service operations (used across PLMNs or within a PLMN) that are not part of Table B-1, the value of the header shall be constructed as follows:
"<API name taken from the heading of the relevant Annex A.x as defined in the corresponding 3GPP TS of that API name>_<name of the callback service operation in the corresponding OpenAPI specification file>"
Nsmf_PDUSession_smContextStatusNotification (for the Notify SM Context Status service operation)
where the "smContextStatusNotification" correspond to:
Values for the "3gpp-Sbi-Callback" Custom HTTP Header shall be case-insensitive.

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