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TS 28.552SA5
Management and Orchestration –
5G Performance Measurements

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V16.5.0 (Wzip)2020/03  173 p.
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Rapporteur:  Mr. Yao, Yizhi

This document specifies the performance measurements for 5G networks including network slicing. Performance measurements for NG-RAN as well as for 5GC are defined in this document. Related KPIs are defined to those measurements in TS 28.554.
The performance measurements for NG-RAN applies also to NR option 3 in many cases, but not to the RRC connection related measurements which are handled by E-UTRAN for NR option 3 (those are measured according to TS 32.425 and related KPIs inTS 32.451).
The performance measurements are defined based on the measurement template as described in TS 32.404.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 13
2  References
3  Definitions, abbreviations and measurement familyWord-p. 14
4  Concepts and overviewWord-p. 16
5  Performance measurements for 5G Network Functions
5.1  Performance measurements for gNB
5.1.1  Performance measurements valid for all gNB deployment scenariosUp  Packet Delay  Radio resource utilization  UE throughput  RRC connection numberWord-p. 27  PDU Session Management [R16]  Mobility Management [R16]Word-p. 29  Inter-gNB handovers  Intra-gNB handoversWord-p. 33  Handovers between 5GS and EPSWord-p. 34  TB related Measurements [R16]Word-p. 37  DRB related measurements [R16]  CQI related measurements [R16]Word-p. 43  MCS related Measurements [R16]Up  QoS flow related measurements [R16]  RRC connection establishment related measurements [R16]  UE-associated logical NG-connection related measurements [R16]Word-p. 51  RRC Connection Re-establishment [R16]Word-p. 52  RRC Connection Resuming [R16]Word-p. 53  Power, Energy and Environmental (PEE) measurements [R16]
5.1.2  Performance measurements valid only for non-split gNB deployment scenario
5.1.3  Performance measurements valid for split gNB deployment scenarioWord-p. 61  Packet Loss RateUp  Packet Drop Rate  Packet delay  IP Latency measurements  UE Context Release  PDCP data volume measurements [R16]  Handovers measurements [R16]  Distribution of Normally Released Call (5QI 1 QoS Flow) Duration [R16]  Distribution of Abnormally Released Call (5QI 1 QoS Flow) Duration [R16]Word-p. 73
5.2  Performance measurements for AMF
5.2.1  Registered subscribers measurement
5.2.2  Registration procedure related measurementsWord-p. 74
5.2.3  Service Request procedure related measurements [R16]Word-p. 78
5.2.4  Measurements related to registration via untrusted non-3GPP access [R16]
5.2.5  Mobility related measurements [R16]Up
5.2.6  Measurements related to Service Requests via Untrusted non-3GPP Access [R16]
5.2.7  Measurements related to SMS over NAS [R16]Up
5.2.8  UE Configuration Update procedure related measurements [R16]
5.2.9  Measurements related to registration via trusted non-3GPP access [R16]Word-p. 92
5.2.10  Measurements related to Service Requests via trusted non-3GPP Access [R16]
5.3  Performance measurements for SMF
5.3.1  Session Management
5.3.2  QoS flow monitoring [R16]Word-p. 102
5.3.3  Performance measurement for N4 interface [R16]
5.4  Performance measurements for UPF
5.4.1  N3 interface related measurements
5.4.2  N6 related measurements
5.4.3  N4 interface related measurements [R16]Word-p. 112
5.4.4  N9 interface related measurements [R16]
5.4.5  GTP packets delay in UPF [R16]Word-p. 115
5.4.6  Round-trip packet delay between PSA UPF and UE [R16]Word-p. 118
5.5  Performance measurements for PCF
5.6  Performance measurements for UDM
5.7  Common performance measurements for NFs [R16]Word-p. 123
5.8  Performance measurements for N3IWF [R16]Word-p. 125
5.8.1  PDU Session Resource management
5.8.2  QoS flow management
5.8.3  QoS flow managementWord-p. 130
5.8.4  QoS flow managementWord-p. 131
5.9  Performance measurements for NEF [R16]
5.10  Performance measurements for NRF [R16]
6  Measurements related to end-to-end 5G network and network slicing
A  Use cases for performance measurementsWord-p. 142
A.1  Monitoring of UL and DL user plane latency in NG-RAN
A.2  Monitoring of UL and DL packet loss in NG-RAN
A.3  Monitoring of DL packet drop in NG-RAN
A.4  Monitoring of UL and DL user plane delay in NG-RANWord-p. 143
A.5  Monitoring of UE Context Release Request (gNB-DU initiated)Up
A.6  Monitoring of physical radio resource utilization
A.7  Monitoring of RRC connection number
A.8  Monitoring of UE Context Release
A.9  Monitoring of UE Throughput in NG-RANWord-p. 144
A.10  Monitoring of Unrestricted volume in NG-RAN
A.11  N3 data volume related measurements
A.12  N6 related measurements
A.13  Registration related measurementsWord-p. 145
A.14  PDU session establishment related measurements
A.15  Policy association related measurementsUp
A.16  Monitoring of PDU session resource setup in NG-RAN [R16]Word-p. 146
A.17  Monitoring of handovers [R16]
A.18  Monitor of BLER performance [R16]
A.19  Monitor of ARQ and HARQ performance [R16]
A.20  Monitoring of PDU session modifications [R16]Word-p. 147
A.21  Monitoring of PDU session releases [R16]
A.22  Monitoring of N4 session management [R16]
A.23  Use case of VR measurements for NF [R16]
A.24  Monitoring of DRB Setup in NG-RAN [R16]
A.25  Monitoring of PDCP data volume measurements [R16]Word-p. 148
A.26  Monitoring of RF performance [R16]
A.27  Monitoring of RF measurements [R16]
A.28  Monitor of QoS flow release [R16]
A.29  Monitor of call (/session) setup performance [R16]Word-p. 149
A.30  Monitor of QoS flow release [R16]
A.31  Monitoring of QoS flows for SMF [R16]
A.32  Monitoring of service requests [R16]Word-p. 150
A.33  Monitoring of DL PDCP UE buffered throughput [R16]
A.34  Monitoring of RRC connection setup in NG-RAN [R16]
A.35  Monitoring of UE associated NG signalling connection setup in NG-RAN [R16]Up
A.36  Monitoring of PDCP data volume per interface [R16]Word-p. 151
A.37  Monitoring of RRC connection re-establishment [R16]
A.38  Monitoring of RRC connection resuming [R16]
A.39  Monitoring of inter-AMF handovers [R16]
A.40  Monitoring of incoming/outgoing GTP packet loss on N3 [R16]
A.41  Monitoring of round-trip GTP packet delay on N3 [R16]
A.42  Monitoring of PDU session resource management for untrusted non-3GPP access [R16]Word-p. 152
A.43  Monitor of DRB release [R16]
A.44  Monitoring of application triggering [R16]Word-p. 153
A.45  Monitoring of SMS over NAS [R16]Up
A.46  Monitoring of round-trip GTP packet delay on N9 [R16]
A.47  Monitoring of GTP packets delay in UPF [R16]
A.48  Monitoring of round-trip delay between PSA UPF and UE [R16]Word-p. 154
A.49  Monitoring of Power, Energy and Environmental (PEE) parameters [R16]
A.50  Monitoring of UE configuration update [R16]
A.51  Monitoring of subscriber's number for UDM [R16]
A.52  Monitoring of QoS flow modification [R16]
A.53  Monitoring of handovers between 5GS and EPS [R16]
A.54  Monitoring of NF service registration and update [R16]Word-p. 155
A.55  Monitoring of NF service discovery [R16]Up
A.56  Monitoring of PFD management [R16]
A.57  Monitoring of incoming GTP packet out-of-order on N3 interface [R16]
A.58  Monitoring of PCI to detect PCI collision or confusion [R16]Word-p. 156
B  Change historyWord-p. 157

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