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5  Performance measurements for 5G network functionsWord‑p. 23

5.1  Performance measurements for gNB

5.1.0  Relation to RAN L2 measurement specification

5.1.1  Performance measurements valid for all gNB deployment scenarios  Packet Delay  Radio resource utilizationWord‑p. 29  UE throughput  RRC connection numberWord‑p. 39  PDU Session Management  Mobility ManagementWord‑p. 42  Inter-gNB handovers  Intra-gNB handoversWord‑p. 47  Handovers between 5GS and EPS  RRC redirection measurement  Intra/Inter-frequency Handover related measurements  Inter-gNB conditional handovers  Intra-gNB conditional handoversWord‑p. 60  TB related MeasurementsWord‑p. 61  DRB related measurements  CQI related measurementsWord‑p. 69  MCS related Measurements  QoS flow related measurements  RRC connection establishment related measurements  UE-associated logical NG-connection related measurementsWord‑p. 78  RRC Connection Re-establishment  RRC Connection ResumingWord‑p. 80  Power, Energy and Environmental (PEE) measurementsWord‑p. 82  Received Random Access PreamblesWord‑p. 85  Intra-NRCell SSB Beam switch MeasurementWord‑p. 87  RSRP MeasurementWord‑p. 88  Number of Active Ues  5QI 1 QoS Flow Duration  Measurements related to MRO  PHR MeasurementWord‑p. 94  Paging Measurement  SSB beam related Measurement  Transmit power utilization measurementsWord‑p. 97  MU-MIMO related measurements  RSRQ measurement  SINR measurement

5.1.2  Performance measurements valid only for non-split gNB deployment scenarioWord‑p. 99

5.1.3  Performance measurements valid for split gNB deployment scenarioWord‑p. 102  Packet Loss Rate  Packet Drop RateWord‑p. 104  Packet delayWord‑p. 105  IP Latency measurementsWord‑p. 108  UE Context Release  PDCP data volume measurementsWord‑p. 110  Handovers measurements

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