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TS 28.550SA5
Management and Orchestration –
Performance Assurance

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Yao, Yizhi

The 5G networks and network slicing are designed to support eMBB, URLLC and mIoT services. Some services have ultra-low latency, high data capacity, and strict reliability requirements, as any faults or performance issues in the networks can cause service failure which may result in property damage and body injury. Therefore, it is necessary to collect real-time performance data that can be used by analytic applications (e.g., network optimization, SON, etc.) to detect the potential issues in advance, and take appropriate actions to prevent or mitigate the issues. Also, the performance data shall be able to be consumed by multiple analytic applications with specific purposes.
The present document specifies the stage 1, 2 and 3 of performance assurance related management services for 5G networks including network slicing.

full Table of Contents for  TS 28.550  Word version:   16.3.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 9
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 10
4  Concepts and overview
5  Specification level requirementsWord-p. 12
5.1  Use cases
5.1.0  Introduction
5.1.1  NF PM services
5.1.2  NSSI PM servicesWord-p. 17
5.1.3  NSI PM servicesWord-p. 22
5.1.4  Network/Sub-network PM servicesWord-p. 28
5.1.5  Management data analyticsWord-p. 31
5.1.6  MnS responsible for KPI job control [R16]Word-p. 33
5.2  Requirements
6  Performance assurance specific operations and notificationsWord-p. 38
6.1  Measurement job control related operations
6.2  Performance data streaming related operationsWord-p. 44
6.3  Performance threshold monitoring related operations and notifications [R16]
7  Performance assurance services componentsWord-p. 50
8  RESTful HTTP-based solution set of performance measurement job control service specific operations and notifications
9  RESTful HTTP-based solution set of performance data streaming operations with WebSocket-based extensionsUp
9.1  Introduction
9.2  Mapping of operations
9.3  Resources
9.4  Data type definitionsWord-p. 74
B  Procedures for performance assurance servicesWord-p. 79
C (Normative)  Performance Data Stream Unit content descriptionWord-p. 88
D  Performance data streaming holistic sequenceWord-p. 89
E (Normative)  OpenAPI specificationWord-p. 90
F (Normative)  Threshold crossing notifications triggeringWord-p. 104
G (Normative)  ASN.1 definition for performance data stream units [R16]Word-p. 106
H (Normative)  NSI and NSSI performance assurance [R16]Word-p. 108
I  Change historyWord-p. 110

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