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5.3  Information Storagep. 50

5.3.0  General |R13|p. 50

This clause describes the context information that is stored in the different nodes for MTC device trigger procedure and NIDD procedures.

5.3.1  Trigger Information in SMS-SC (Triggering with T4)p. 50

This Table includes information that needs to be stored in SMS-SC for triggering with T4.
Field Description
External Identifier/MSISDNIt is used to identify the corresponding External Identifiers in the delivery report. This can be also the MSISDN if used.
IMSIIt is used to indicate the UE used for MTC that is required to be triggered.
Trigger reference numberThis is to co-relate the trigger request with trigger response.
SCS IDIt is used to allow the SMS SC to send the trigger response back to the appropriate SCS.
Trigger payloadThe SMSC will store the Trigger payload until it receives the delivery confirmation.
Routing Information for SMSThe identities of the serving node(s).
PriorityIt is used to indicate the priority of trigger request.
Validity periodTo indicate the time period for which the trigger request is valid.
SMS Application Port IDIt is used to route the short message to the triggering function in the UE.

5.3.2  SCEF |R13|p. 50

The SCEF maintains the following EPS bearer context information for UEs. Table 5.3.2-1 shows the context fields for one UE.
Field Description T6a T6b
User Identity (Multiple instances of this field may exist)One of {IMSI, MSISDN, External Identifier}.XX
APNAn APN that uniquely identifies an SCEF connection.XX
APN Rate ControlThe APN Rate Control limits the maximum number of uplink/downlink packets and the maximum number of additional exception report packets per a specific time unit (e.g. minute, hour, day, week) for this APN. It includes an indication as to whether or not Exception reports may still be sent when the limit has been met (see clause 4.7.7 of TS 23.401).XX
NIDD Charging IDCharging identifier included in charging records generated by the MME/SGSN, the SCEF and IWK-SCEF.XX
EPS Bearer IDAn EPS bearer identity that uniquely identifies an EPS bearer for the UE and a context in the SCEF.XX
(Note 1)
Serving Node InformationMME/SGSN address being used for the SCEF connection.XX
Serving PLMN IDMCC + MNC of the serving PLMNXX
IMEISVIMEISV for inclusion in CDRXX
Serving PLMN Rate ControlThe Serving PLMN Rate Control limits the maximum number of uplink/downlink NAS Data PDUs in deci hour.
For SCEF use with APN Rate Control and for inclusion on SCEF CDR to allow post processing of CDRs and permit detection of abusive UEs (see clause 4.7.7 of TS 23.401).

5.4  Security Proceduresp. 51

5.4.0  General |R12|p. 51

The security procedures are specified in TS 33.187.



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