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10  Support of additional functionalitiesWord-p. 77
10.0  General
This clause specifies the delta related to the Rel-16 additional specifications included in TS 23.273 (LCS).
10.1  User Location Information
The User Location Information may correspond to:
  • In the case of W-5GCAN: HFC node ID.
  • NOTE 1:
    HFC node ID identifies the point of attachment of the 5G-CRG.
  • In the case of W-5GBAN: GLI which contains an identifier of the Line ID source and the Line ID value.
  • NOTE 2:
    A combination of Line ID and identifier of the Line ID source identifies the attachment point of the 5G-BRG.
    An indication of whether the ULI corresponds to a DSL or to a PON line may also be provided.
  • In the case of 5G-RG connected via 3GPP access: Cell Information (as described in TS 23.502, clause 4.10 and TS 23.401, clause 5.9.1).

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