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5  Network Functionp. 33

5.0  Generalp. 33

This clause specifies the definition network function specific for W-AGF and the delta to network function defined in TS 23.501.

5.1  Network Function Functional descriptionp. 33

5.1.1  W-AGFp. 33

The functionality of W-AGF in the case of Wireline 5G Access network includes the following:
  • Termination of N2 and N3 interfaces to 5G Core Network for control - plane and user-plane respectively.
  • Handling of N2 signalling from SMF (relayed by AMF) related to PDU Sessions and QoS.
  • Relaying uplink and downlink user-plane packets between the 5G-RG and UPF and between FN-RG and UPF. This involves:
    • Enforcing QoS corresponding to N3 packet marking, taking into account QoS requirements associated to such marking received over N2.
    • N3 user-plane packet marking in the uplink.
  • Supporting AMF discovery and selection defined in clause 6.3.5 of TS 23.501 where the 5G-S-TMSI is not used for AMF selection since the wireline AS layer can only carry the GUAMI.
  • Termination of wireline access protocol on Y4 and Y5.
  • In the case of FN-RG the W-AGF acts as end point of N1 on behalf of the FN-RG.
In the case of Wireline 5G Broadband Access network the definition of W-AGF functionalities is specified in BBF TR-456 [9] and WT-457 [10].
In the case of Wireline 5G Cable Access network the definition of W-AGF functionalities is specified by Cablelabs WR-TR-5WWC-ARCH [27].

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