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7.11  Simultaneous session for MCVideo calls (on-network)p. 166

An MCVideo client and MCVideo server may use a simultaneous session as defined in TS 23.280 for MCVideo calls. The MCVideo client becomes involved in a simultaneous session for MCVideo calls by inviting, joining or accepting more than one MCVideo call, or affiliating to a group.
The MCVideo client can also still handle multiple MCVideo calls in parallel at the same time i.e. using multiple dialogs.
The simultaneous session is established during either an originating on-demand call establishment or during pre-established session establishment or a modification of an already established pre-established session or on-demand call.
It is possible to change the prioritisation while the MCVideo client is engaged in multiple MCVideo calls. The setting of the priority can be made at MCVideo call setup or by performing a modification after the MCVideo call is established. This may result in more than one media bearer.

7.12  User authentication and authorization for MCVideo servicep. 166

A procedure for user authentication is illustrated in Figure 7.12-1. The user authentication is performed based on the procedure specified in TS 23.280.
Reproduction of 3GPP TS 23.281, Fig. 7.12-1: MCVideo user authentication and registration, single domain
Step 1.
The user authentication is performed as per the general user authentication procedure specified in TS 23.280.
Step 2.
MCVideo client performs the MCVideo service authorization for the user. Step 2 utilizes the results of step 1.

7.13  Support for multiple devicesp. 167

An MCVideo user may be authorized to use the MCVideo service from multiple MCVideo UEs as per the procedure in subclause 7.12.
If an MCVideo server receives a service authorization request for an MCVideo user who is previously MCVideo service authorized on another MCVideo UE, then the MCVideo server shall process this service authorization request as described in subclause 7.12. In the MCVideo service authorization response to the MCVideo user, the MCVideo server shall also indicate that the MCVideo user is already MCVideo service authorized from another MCVideo UE.

7.14  Location information (on-network)p. 167

The MCVideo system makes use of all of the procedures for location management as specified in TS 23.280, utilising the CSC-14 reference point between the location management client and location management server and the CSC-15 reference point between the MCVideo server and location management server.
  • The MC service client is the MCVideo client;
  • The MC service server is the MCVideo server;
  • The MC service group is the MCVideo group;
  • The MC service ID is the MCVideo ID; and
  • The MC service group ID is the MCVideo group ID.

7.15  MCVideo resource management (on-network) |R15|p. 167

Procedures for resource management are defined in subclause 10.11 of TS 23.280.

7.16  MCVideo client query |R15|p. 168

7.16.1  Generalp. 168

The MCVideo client query is used by an authorized MCVideo client to retrieve the characteristics of the MCVideo clients in an area with certain criteria. The query criteria may be a set of capabilities, or category tags, or a mix of such criterions, etc.

7.16.2  Information flows for MCVideo client queryp. 168  MCVideo client query requestp. 168

Table describes the information flow for the MCVideo client query request from MCVideo client to MCVideo sever.
Information Element Status Description
MCVideo IDMThe identity of the MCVideo user requesting MCVideo client query
Location informationMThe location information where the query to be applied
Query criteriaOA criteria filter for the query (e.g. category tags, video capabilities, etc.)
Up  MCVideo client query responsep. 168

Table describes the information flow for the MCVideo client query response from the MCVideo server to the MCVideo client.
Information Element Status Description
MCVideo ID listOThe MCVideo clients that fulfil the query criteria

7.16.3  MCVideo client query procedurep. 168

Figure 7.16.3-1 describes the procedure for MCVideo client query in on-network. This procedure is applicable to query the MCVideo clients belonging to the same MCVideo system as the requesting MCVideo user.
  1. The video capabilities have been collected at MCVideo server during the update MCVideo capabilities information at the MCVideo server procedure in subclause
Reproduction of 3GPP TS 23.281, Fig. 7.16.3-1: MCVideo client query procedure
Step 1.
MCVideo client A sends a MCVideo client query request to the MCVideo server with certain search criteria.
Step 2.
MCVideo server checks whether the MCVideo user of MCVideo client A has the authorization to perform MCVideo client query. If success, MCVideo server retrieves the MCVideo clients that fulfils the search criteria. If MCVideo group ID list is included in the MCVideo client query request, MCVideo server retrieves the affiliated group members that fulfil the query criteria in each affiliated MCVideo group in the received MCVideo group ID list.
Step 3.
MCVideo server returns the MCVideo client query response to the MCVideo client A with the retrieved MCVideo clients.

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