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5.2  PS Network Access Mode Storage (GPRS)p. 122

Parameter Clause HLR VLR Gn/Gp-SGSN GGSN Type
Network Access Mode (1)-P
IMSI Unauthenticated indicator
International MS ISDN number 2.1.2CCCCP
multinumbering MSISDNs 2.1.3C---P
Basic MSISDN indicator
MSISDN-Alert indicator
P-TMSI 2.1.5--C-T
TLLI 2.1.6--C-T
Random TLLI 2.1.7--C-T
IMEI 2.1.9--CCT
External Identifier Set 2.1.10C---P
RAND/SRES and Kc 2.3.1--C-T
Ciphering Key Sequence Number 2.3.3--M-T
Key Set Identifier (KSI) 2.3.4--M-T
Selected Ciphering Algorithm 2.3.5--M-T
Current Kc 2.3.6--M-T
P-TMSI Signature 2.3.7--C-T
Key Status 2.3.9--C-T
Routing Area Identity 2.4.3--M-T
VLR Number 2.4.5M-C (2)-T
SGSN Number (2)--T
GGSN Number
RSZI Lists
Zone Code List
RA not allowed flag 2.4.14a--M-T
SGSN area restricted flag 2.4.14M---T
Roaming Restricted in the SGSN due to unsupported feature
Cell Global ID or Service Area ID 2.4.16--CCT
LSA Identity
LSA Priority
LSA Preferential Access Indicator
LSA Active Mode Support Indicator
LSA Only Access Indicator
LSA Active Mode Indicator
VPLMN Identifier
Access Restriction Data 2.4.18C-C-P
IP-SM-GW number 2.4.20C---T
IP-SM-GW Diameter Identity 2.4.20AC---T
Closed Subscriber Group Information 2.4.22CCC-P
Service Centre Address 2.4.23C---P
Provision of teleservice 2.5.2C-C-P
Transfer of SM option 2.5.4M---P
MM State 2.7.3--M-T
Subscriber Data Confirmed by HLR Indicator
Location Info Confirmed by HLR Indicator
VLR-Reliable Indicator (1)-T
MS purged for GPRS flag 2.7.6M---T
Subscriber Status 2.8.1C-C-P
Barring of outgoing calls
Barring of roaming
Barring of Packet Oriented Services
ODB PLMN-specific data 2.8.3C-C-P
Notification to CSE flag for ODB 2.8.4C---T
gsmSCF address list for ODB 2.8.5C---P
Trace Activated in SGSN 2.11.7C-C-P
Trace Reference 2 2.11.9C-CCP
Trace depth 2.11.10C-CCP
List of NE types to trace 2.11.11C-CCP
Triggering events 2.11.12C-CCP
List of interfaces to trace 2.11.13C-CCP
MDT-Configuration 2.11.15CCC-P
PDP Type 2.13.1C-CMP
PDP Address 2.13.2C-CMP
NSAPI 2.13.3--CCT
PDP State 2.13.4--C-T
New SGSN Address 2.13.5--C-T
Access Point Name 2.13.6C-CCP/T
GGSN Address in Use 2.13.7--C-T
VPLMN Address Allowed 2.13.8C-C-P
Dynamic Address 2.13.9---CT
SGSN Address 2.13.10---MT
GGSN-list 2.13.11M---T
Quality of Service Subscribed 2.13.12C-C-P
Quality of Service Requested 2.13.13--C-T
Quality of Service Negotiated 2.13.14--CMT
SND 2.13.15--CCT
SNU 2.13.16--CCT
DRX Parameters 2.13.17--M-T
Compression 2.13.18--C-T
NGAF 2.13.19--C (2)-T
Classmark 2.13.20--M-T
TEID 2.13.21--CCT
Radio Priority 2.13.22--C-T
Radio Priority SMS 2.13.23--C-T
PDP Context Identifier 2.13.24C-C-T
PDP Context Charging Characteristics 2.13.25C-CCP
UE level APN-OI-Replacement 2.13.29C-C-P
Subscribed UE-AMBR 2.13.30C-C-P
Used UE-AMBR 2.13.30A--C-T
Subscribed APN-AMBR 2.13.32C-CCP
Used APN-AMBR 2.13.32A--CCT
Subscribed-RFSP-ID 2.13.33C-C-P
APN Restriction 2.13.43--CCP
RFSP-ID in Use 2.13.108--C-T
APN level APN-OI-Replacement 2.13.109C-C-P
SIPTO Permission 2.13.114C-C-P
SIPTO Local Network Permission 2.13.114AC-C-P
Subscribed Periodic RAU/TAU Timer 2.13.115C-C-P
LIPA Permission 2.13.122C-C-P
LIPA Allowed VPLMN List 2.13.123C---P
VPLMN LIPA Allowed 2.13.124--C-P
Higher bitrates than 16Mbps flag 2.13.127--C-T
Co-located GGSN-PGW FQDN 2.13.136--C-T
GERAN Cell Identity Age 2.13.137--C-T
UTRAN Service Area Identity Age 2.13.138--C-T
Homogeneous Support of IMS Voice over PS Sessions 2.13.141C-C-T
Signalling Priority Indication 2.13.142C-C-T
Active Time Value for PSM 2.13.148--C-T
DL Data Buffer Expiration Time 2.13.150--C-T
DL Buffering Suggested Packet Count 2.13.151C-C-P
IMSI-Group Identifier List 2.13.153C-C-P
UE Usage Type 2.13.154C-C-P
Extended idle mode DRX parameters 2.13.157--C-T
Delay Tolerant Connection Indication 2.13.158--CCP
Pending Network Initiated PDN Connection Signalling Indication 2.13.159--C-T
User Plane Integrity Protection Indicator 2.13.163C-C-P
IOV_updates counter 2.13.170--C-T
Dedicated Core Network Identifier 2.13.172--C-T
GPRS CAMEL Subscription Information (GPRS-CSI)
MO Short Message Service CAMEL Subscription Information(MO-SMS-CSI)
MT Short Message Service CAMEL Subscription Information(MT-SMS-CSI)
MO-SMS-CSI SGSN Negotiated CAMEL Capability Handling
MT-SMS-CSI SGSN Negotiated CAMEL Capability Handling
Mobility Management for GPRS event notification (MG-CSI)
MG-CSI Negotiated CAMEL Capability Handling
GPRS-CSI Negotiated CAMEL Capability Handling
SGSN Supported CAMEL Phases
GsmSCF address for CSI
Age Indicator 2.16.1C-C-T
Privacy Exception List
GMLC Numbers
MO-LR List
Service Types
Subscribed Charging Characteristics 2.19.1C-CCP
ICS Indicator 2.20.1CCC-P
STN-SR 2.21.1C-C-T
Additional MSISDN 3.1.16C-C-P
The HLR column indicates only GPRS related use, i.e. if the HLR uses a parameter in non-GPRS Network Access Mode but not in GPRS Network Access Mode, it is not mentioned in this Table 5.2.
For special condition of storage see in clause 2. See clause 4 for explanation of M, C, T and P in Table 5.2.

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