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With the expectation that 5G consumer UEs, existing or some new form devices (e.g. VR/AR devices, robot, etc.) being used for different use cases in a number of different environments, e.g. entertainment in home party or bar, or education in office, becomes interested for supporting data sharing and data exchanging between users, thus, it is necessary to investigate new use cases and requirements, like lower latency, higher throughput, higher reliability, higher resource/power efficiency etc, for such interactive services.
The objective of this TR is to study the use cases and to derive potential service requirements to provide users with interactive services, including:
  • New use cases and new requirements for Interactive Services
  • Gap Analyses between requirements and existing eMBB service requirements / existing ProSe requirements
  • After the use cases have been identified, service requirements and KPIs will be studied including QoS, operator control, charging, etc.

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