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3.4  Procedures in dedicated mode and in group transmit mode

3.4.1  SACCH procedures  General  Measurement Report and Enhanced Measurement ReportWord‑p. 67  Extended measurement report $(MAFA)$

3.4.2  Transfer of messages and link layer service provisionWord‑p. 77

3.4.3  Channel assignment procedure

3.4.4  Handover procedureWord‑p. 80

3.4.4a  Handover to UTRAN procedureWord‑p. 87

3.4.4b  Handover to CDMA2000 procedureWord‑p. 89

3.4.4c  Intermode handover to GERAN Iu mode procedure |R5|Word‑p. 90

3.4.4d  CS to PS SRVCC procedure |R11|

3.4.5  Frequency redefinition procedure  Abnormal casesWord‑p. 93

3.4.6  Channel mode modify procedure

3.4.7  Ciphering mode setting procedure

3.4.7a  Selective Ciphering of Downlink SACCH |R10|Word‑p. 96

3.4.8  Additional channel assignment procedure

3.4.9  Partial channel release procedure

3.4.10  Classmark change procedureWord‑p. 98

3.4.11  Classmark interrogation procedure

3.4.12  Indication of notifications and paging informationWord‑p. 99

3.4.13  RR connection release procedure

3.4.14  Receiving a RR STATUS message by a RR entity.

3.4.15  Group receive mode procedures

3.4.16  Configuration change procedureWord‑p. 111

3.4.17  Mapping of user data substreams onto timeslots in a multislot configuration

3.4.18  Handling of classmark information at band change



3.4.21  Application ProceduresWord‑p. 113

3.4.22  RR procedures related to packet resource establishment while in dedicated modeWord‑p. 115

3.4.23  RR procedures related to packet resource maintenance while in dual transfer mode

3.4.24  RR procedures related to packet resource release while in dual transfer modeWord‑p. 125

3.4.25  GPRS suspension procedureWord‑p. 126

3.4.26  GPRS Transparent Transport Procedure

3.4.27  RR procedures related to dedicated mode MBMS notification |R6|Word‑p. 127

3.4.28  Transmission of application-specific data by the talker |R8|Word‑p. 128

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