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3  Radio Resource management proceduresWord‑p. 31

3.1  Overview/General

3.2  Idle mode procedures and general procedures in packet idle and packet transfer modesWord‑p. 36

3.3  RR connection establishment

3.3.1  RR connection establishment initiated by the mobile station  Entering the dedicated mode : immediate assignment procedureWord‑p. 43  Entering the group transmit mode: uplink access procedureWord‑p. 49  Mobile station side  Network side - talker priority not supported by the network  Network side - network supports talker priority using uplink access procedure |R7|  Network side - network supports talker priority using priority uplink procedure |R7|  Network side - network supports sending application-specific data by mobile station |R8|Word‑p. 57  Abnormal cases  Dedicated mode and GPRS  Preliminary Access Barring Check |R10|

3.3.2  Paging procedure for RR connection establishmentWord‑p. 58

3.3.3  Notification procedure

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