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9  Positioning procedures

9.1  Positioning Procedure Initiation

9.2  Common Positioning Procedure for CS Domain in A/Gb mode

9.2a  Common Positioning Procedure for PS Domain in A/Gb mode |R5|Word‑p. 50

9.2b  Common Positioning Procedure for Iu mode |R5|Word‑p. 51

9.2c  GPRS Cell Change for the PS Domain in A/Gb mode |R5|Word‑p. 52

9.3  TA Based Positioning in CS Domain for A/Gb-modeWord‑p. 53

9.3a  TA Based Positioning in PS Domain for A/Gb-mode |R5|

9.4  E-OTD and A-GNSS Positioning Procedures

9.5  U-TDOA Positioning Procedures |R6|Word‑p. 66

9.6  Multilateration Positioning Methods |R14|Word‑p. 71

10  Information storage

$  Change HistoryWord‑p. 82

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