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TS 43.059RAN6
Functional Stage 2 Description of
Location Services (LCS) in GERAN

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3GPP 43.059 - UE positioning in GERAN

Rapporteur:  Mr. Hofmann, Juergen

This TS specifies the stage 2 of the LoCation Services (LCS) feature in GERAN, which provides the mechanisms to support mobile location services for operators, subscribers and third party service providers.

full Table of Contents for  TS 43.059  Word version:   15.1.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 10
4  Main conceptsWord-p. 12
5  GERAN LCS Architecture
6  Signalling Protocols and Interfaces
7  GERAN Network Location Procedures
8  Common Procedures to Support PositioningWord-p. 32
8.1  Information Transfer between an SMLC and a Target MS in the CS Domain in A/Gb mode for E-OTD and A-GNSS positioning methodsUp
8.1a  Information Transfer between an SMLC and a Target MS in the PS Domain in A/Gb mode [R5]Word-p. 33
8.1b  Information Transfer between an SMLC and a Target MS in Iu Mode [R5]Word-p. 34
8.2  Information Transfer between an SMLC and a BSCWord-p. 35
8.3  Common Procedures to Support Access to an LMUWord-p. 36
8.4  Common Control Procedures for LMUsWord-p. 41
8.5  Exception Procedures
8.6  Procedures in the Target MS
8.7  Further Procedures for Handover
9  Positioning procedures
9.1  Positioning Procedure Initiation
9.2  Common Positioning Procedure for CS Domain in A/Gb mode
9.2a  Common Positioning Procedure for PS Domain in A/Gb mode [R5]Word-p. 50
9.2b  Common Positioning Procedure for Iu mode [R5]Word-p. 51
9.2c  GPRS Cell Change for the PS Domain in A/Gb mode [R5]Word-p. 52
9.3  TA Based Positioning in CS Domain for A/Gb-modeWord-p. 53
9.3a  TA Based Positioning in PS Domain for A/Gb-mode [R5]
9.4  E-OTD and A-GNSS Positioning ProceduresUp
9.5  U-TDOA Positioning Procedures [R6]Word-p. 66
9.6  Multilateration Positioning Methods [R14]Word-p. 71
10  Information storage
A  Change historyWord-p. 82

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