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TS 43.064RAN6
Overall Description of the
GPRS Radio Interface –
Stage 2

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Rapporteur:  Mr. Hofmann, Juergen

This TS provides the overall description for lower-layer functions of the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS and EGPRS) radio interface (Um).
The overall description provides the following information:
  • The services offered to higher-layer functions,
  • The distribution of required functions into functional groups,
  • A definition of the capabilities of each functional group,
  • Service primitives for each functional group, including a description of what services and information flows are to be provided, and
  • A model of operation for information flows within and between the functions.
The present document is applicable to the following GPRS Um functional layers:
  • Radio Link Control functions,
  • Medium Access Control functions, and
  • Physical Link Control functions.
The present document describes the information transfer and control functions to be used across the radio (Um) interface for communication between the MS and the Network.
TS 23.060 describes the overall GPRS logical architecture and the GPRS functional layers above the Radio Link Control and Medium Access Control layer.
TS 24.007 contains a description in general terms of the structured functions and procedures of this protocol and the relationship of this protocol with other layers and entities.
TS 44.018 contains the definition of GPRS RLC/MAC procedures when operating on the Common Control Channel (CCCH).
TS 44.060 contains the definition of RLC/MAC functions when operating on a Packet Data Channel (PDCH).
TS 44.064 contains functional procedures for the Logical Link Control (LLC) layer above the RLC/MAC.
3GPP TS 45 series defines the Physical Link layer and Physical RF layer.

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1  ScopeWord-p. 8
2  References
3  Abbreviations, symbols and definitionsWord-p. 9
4  Packet data logical channels
5  Mapping of packet data logical channels onto physical channelsUp
6  Radio Interface (Um)
6.1  Radio Resource management principles
6.2  Radio Resource operating modes
6.3  Layered overview of radio interfaceWord-p. 40
6.4  Physical RF LayerWord-p. 41
6.5  Physical Link Layer
6.5.1  Layer Services
6.5.2  Layer FunctionsUp
6.5.3  Service PrimitivesWord-p. 42
6.5.4  Radio Block Structure
6.5.5  Channel CodingWord-p. 46
6.5.6  Cell Re-selectionWord-p. 80
6.5.7  Timing AdvanceWord-p. 82
6.5.8  Power control procedureWord-p. 85
6.5.9  Scheduling the MS activities during the PTCCH and idle frames
6.5.10  Discontinuous Reception (DRX)Word-p. 88
6.6  Medium Access Control and Radio Link Control LayerWord-p. 89
6.6.1  Layer Services
6.6.2  Layer Functions
6.6.3  Service PrimitivesWord-p. 90
6.6.4  Model of Operation  General [R13]  Multiplexing MSs on the same PDCHWord-p. 96  Temporary Block Flow  Temporary Flow Identity  Medium Access modes  Acknowledged mode for RLC/MAC operationWord-p. 98  Unacknowledged mode for RLC/MAC operationWord-p. 99  Non-persistent mode for RLC/MAC operation [R6]  Mobile Originated Packet Transfer  Mobile Terminated Packet TransferWord-p. 107  Simultaneous Uplink and Downlink Packet TransferWord-p. 111
6.7  Abnormal cases in GPRS MS Ready StateWord-p. 112
6.9  MBMS Data Transfer [R6]
A  BibliographyWord-p. 113
B  Multiple TBF Feature [R6]Word-p. 114
C  Change historyWord-p. 121

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