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9.3  Information Element Definitions

9.3.1  Radio Network Layer Related IEs  Message Type  Cause  Criticality DiagnosticsWord‑p. 163  gNB-CU UE F1AP IDWord‑p. 164  gNB-DU UE F1AP ID  RRC-ContainerWord‑p. 165  SRB ID  DRB ID  gNB-DU ID  Served Cell Information  Transmission Action IndicatorWord‑p. 168  NR CGI  Time To wait  PLMN Identity  Transmission BandwidthWord‑p. 169  NR Frequency Info  gNB-DU System InformationWord‑p. 171  E-UTRAN QoS  Allocation and Retention Priority  GBR QoS InformationWord‑p. 172  Bit RateWord‑p. 173  Transaction ID  DRX Cycle  CU to DU RRC Information  DU to CU RRC InformationWord‑p. 174  RLC ModeWord‑p. 176  SUL Information  5GS TACWord‑p. 177  Configured EPS TAC  RRC Reconfiguration Complete Indicator  UL ConfigurationWord‑p. 178  C-RNTI  Cell UL Configured  RAT-Frequency Priority Information  LCIDWord‑p. 179  Duplication activation  Slice Support List  S-NSSAI  UE Identity Index value  Paging DRXWord‑p. 180  Paging Priority  gNB-CU System Information  RAN UE Paging identityWord‑p. 181  CN UE Paging Identity  QoS Flow Level QoS Parameters  GBR QoS Flow InformationWord‑p. 182  Dynamic 5QI DescriptorWord‑p. 183  NG-RAN Allocation and Retention PriorityWord‑p. 185  Non Dynamic 5QI Descriptor  Maximum Packet Loss RateWord‑p. 186  Packet Delay BudgetWord‑p. 187  Packet Error Rate  Averaging Window  Maximum Data Burst Volume  Masked IMEISV  Notification Control  RAN Area CodeWord‑p. 188  PWS System Information  Repetition Period  Number of Broadcasts Requested  SIType ListWord‑p. 189  QoS Flow Identifier  Served E-UTRA Cell Information  Available PLMN List  RLC Failure IndicationWord‑p. 190  Uplink TxDirectCurrentList Information  Service Status  RLC Status  RRC VersionWord‑p. 191  RRC Delivery Status  QoS Flow Mapping Indication  Resource Coordination Transfer Information  E-UTRA PRACH Configuration  Resource Coordination E-UTRA Cell InformationWord‑p. 192  Extended Available PLMN ListWord‑p. 194  Associated SCell List  Cell Direction  Paging Origin  E-UTRA Transmission Bandwidth  Message IdentifierWord‑p. 195  Serial Number  UAC Assistance Information  UAC ActionWord‑p. 196  UAC reduction Indication  Additional SIB Message List  Cell TypeWord‑p. 197  Configured TAC Indication  Trace Activation |R16|  Intended TDD DL-UL Configuration |R16|Word‑p. 199  Additional RRM Policy Index |R16|  DU-CU RIM Information |R16|Word‑p. 200  CU-DU RIM Information |R16|  gNB Set ID |R16|  Lower Layer Presence Status Change |R16|  Traffic Mapping Information |R16|Word‑p. 201  IP-to-layer-2 traffic mapping Information List |R16|  IP Header Information |R16|  BAP layer BH RLC channel mapping Information List |R16|Word‑p. 202  Mapping Information to Remove |R16|  Mapping Information Index |R16|Word‑p. 203  IAB TNL Addresses Requested |R16|  IAB TNL Address |R16|  Uplink BH Non-UP Traffic Mapping |R16|  Non-UP Traffic Type |R16|Word‑p. 204  IAB Info IAB-donor-CU |R16|  IAB Info IAB-DU |R16|  gNB-DU Cell Resource Configuration |R16|  Multiplexing Info |R16|Word‑p. 206  IAB STC Info |R16|  BAP Routing ID |R16|Word‑p. 207  BAP Address |R16|  BAP Path ID |R16|  BH RLC Channel ID |R16|Word‑p. 208  BH Information |R16|  Control Plane Traffic Type |R16|  NR V2X Services Authorized |R16|Word‑p. 209  LTE V2X Services Authorized |R16|  LTE UE Sidelink Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate |R16|  NR UE Sidelink Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate |R16|  SL DRB ID |R16|  PC5 QoS Flow Identifier |R16|  PC5 QoS Parameters |R16|Word‑p. 210  Alternative QoS Parameters Set Index |R16|  Alternative QoS Parameters Set Notify Index |R16|Word‑p. 211  Alternative QoS Parameters Set List |R16|  Non Dynamic PQI Descriptor |R16|  Dynamic PQI Descriptor |R16|Word‑p. 212  TNL Capacity Indicator |R16|  Radio Resource Status |R16|  Composite Available Capacity Group |R16|Word‑p. 213  Composite Available Capacity |R16|  Cell Capacity Class Value |R16|  Capacity Value |R16|Word‑p. 214  Slice Available Capacity |R16|  Number of Active UEs |R16|Word‑p. 215  Hardware Load Indicator |R16|  NR Carrier List |R16|  SSB Positions In Burst |R16|Word‑p. 216  NR PRACH Configuration |R16|  NR PRACH Configuration List |R16|Word‑p. 217  TSC Traffic Characteristics |R16|Word‑p. 219  TSC Assistance Information |R16|  Periodicity |R16|  Burst Arrival Time |R16|  Extended Packet Delay Budget |R16|  RLC Duplication Information |R16|  Reporting Request Type |R16|Word‑p. 220  Time Reference Information |R16|  Reference Time |R16|  MDT Configuration |R16|Word‑p. 221  MDT PLMN List |R16|  M5 Configuration |R16|Word‑p. 222  M6 Configuration |R16|  M7 Configuration |R16|  NID |R16|  NPN Support Information |R16|  NPN Broadcast Information |R16|Word‑p. 223  Broadcast SNPN ID List |R16|  Broadcast NID List |R16|  Broadcast CAG-Identifier List |R16|  CAG ID |R16|Word‑p. 224  Broadcast PNI-NPN ID Information |R16|  Available SNPN ID List |R16|  NR Carrier List |R16|  Extended Slice Support List |R16|Word‑p. 225  Positioning Measurement Result |R16|  UL Angle of Arrival |R16|Word‑p. 226  UL RTOA Measurement |R16|  Additional Path List |R16|Word‑p. 227  gNB Rx-Tx Time Difference |R16|  Time Stamp |R16|  TRP Measurement Quality |R16|Word‑p. 228  Measurement Beam Information |R16|  NG-RAN Access Point Position |R16|  Requested SRS Transmission Characteristics |R16|Word‑p. 229  TRP Information |R16|Word‑p. 230  PRS Configuration |R16|Word‑p. 231  DL-PRS Muting Pattern |R16|Word‑p. 233  Spatial Direction Information |R16|  SRS Resource Set ID |R16|  Spatial Relation Information |R16|  SRS Resource Trigger |R16|Word‑p. 234  SFN Initialisation Time |R16|  Geographical Coordinates |R16|Word‑p. 235  DL-PRS Resource Coordinates |R16|Word‑p. 236  Relative Geodetic Location |R16|  Relative Cartesian Location |R16|Word‑p. 237  Reference Point |R16|  Location Uncertainty |R16|Word‑p. 238  NG-RAN High Accuracy Access Point Position |R16|  Positioning Broadcast Cells |R16|Word‑p. 239  SRS Configuration |R16|  SRS Resource |R16|Word‑p. 241  Positioning SRS Resource |R16|  SRS Resource Set |R16|Word‑p. 243  Positioning SRS Resource Set |R16|  TRP ID |R16|Word‑p. 244  NR-PRS Beam Information |R16|  E-CID Measurement Result |R16|  Cell Portion ID |R16|Word‑p. 245  Pathloss Reference Information |R16|  SSB Information |R16|  SSB Time/Frequency Configuration |R16|Word‑p. 246  Search Window Information |R16|  Extended gNB-DU Name |R16|Word‑p. 247  Extended gNB-CU Name |R16|

9.3.2  Transport Network Layer Related IEsWord‑p. 248

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