3GPP 37-series — Multiple Radio Access Technology aspects

new Specifications and Reports at each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting

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This list presents the latest Specifications and Reports (TS/TR) introduced during each 3GPP quarterly Plenary Meeting, beginning from the most recent meeting and going back to approximately mid-2016, around the commencement of the 5G era. By reviewing this list, you can easily identify the assigned rapporteur responsible for each TS/TR, along with the corresponding company or organization that has delegated them to contribute to this standardization process.
TR 37.877Mr. Liu, BoChinatelecom Cloudon downlink interruption for NR and EN-DC band combinations...
TR 37.878Miss Guo, QiugeCATTon Band combinations for concurrent operation...
TR 37.717-00-00Mr. Zhang, PengHUAWEI Technologies Japan K.K.Rel-17 band combinations for SA NR SUL
TR 37.717-11-11Mr. Hsieh, Bo-HanCHTTLRel-17 DC of LTE 1DL/1UL and NR 1DL/1UL
TR 37.717-11-21Mr. Lee, Sang-wookLG Electronics DeutschlandRel-17 DC of LTE xDL/1UL and NR 2DL/1UL
TR 37.717-11-31Mr. Zhou, WubinZTE CorporationRel-17 DC of LTE xDL/1UL and NR 3DL/1UL
TR 37.717-11-41Mr. Zhang, PengHUAWEI Technologies Japan K.K.Rel-17 DC of LTE xDL/1UL and NR 4DL/1UL
TR 37.717-21-11Mr. Liu, LiehaiHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. LtdRel-17 DC of LTE 2DL/1UL and NR 1DL/1UL
TR 37.717-31-11Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMRel-17 DC of LTE 3DL/1UL and NR 1DL/1UL
TR 37.717-33Mr. Zhou, WubinZTE CorporationRel-17 DC of LTE xDL/xUL and NR yDL/yUL
TR 37.717-41-11Dr. Hejselbaek, JohannesNokia DenmarkRel-17 DC of LTE 4DL/1UL and NR 1DL/1UL
TR 37.826Mr. BASAIER, JIALADEChina Unicomon High power UE for EN-DC with 1 LTE band + 1 NR TDD band
TR 37.827Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMon Rel-17 for EN-DC with xLTE band + yNR DL
TR 37.875Mr. GAO, YUANCATTon Band combinations for Uu and V2X
TS 37.480Dr. Arjona, AndresNokia JapanE1 General Aspects and Principles
TS 37.481Dr. Han, JaeminIntel Technology India Pvt LtdE1 Layer 1
TS 37.482Dr. Yang, XudongHuawei Technologies FranceE1 Signalling Transport
TS 37.483Mr. Muller, JulienEricsson LME1 Application Protocol (E1AP)
TR 37.717-21-22Mr. Wu, YueSamsung Guangzhou Mobile R&DRel-17 DC (x=2,3,4) LTE inter-band CA
TR 37.717-51-11Mr. Wu, YueSamsung Guangzhou Mobile R&DRel-17 DC of LTE 5DL/1UL and NR 1DL/1UL
TR 37.817Ms. Xie, FangChina Mobile Com. Corporationon enhancement for data collection for NR and ENDC
TR 37.828Mr. Vasenkari, PetriNokia Corporationon fixed-wireless/vehicle-mounted use cases in LTE and NR bands
TR 37.867Ms. Shan, HuipingCATTon Downlink interruption for band combinations
TR 37.880Dr. Ng, Man HungNokia Franceon fixed-wireless/vehicle-mounted use cases
TR 37.716-00-00Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies Franceon Band combinations for SA/NSA NR SUL
TR 37.716-11-11Mr. Oguma, YutaNTT DOCOMO INC.on EN-DC of 1 band LTE (1DL/1UL) and 1 NR band (1DL/1UL)
TR 37.716-21-11Mr. Liu, LiehaiHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. Ltdon EN-DC of x bands LTE (xDL/1UL) and 2 NR bands (2DL/1UL)
TR 37.716-21-21Mr. Lim, SuhwanLG Electronics Inc.on EN-DC of x bands LTE (xDL/1UL) and 2 NR bands (2DL/1UL)
TR 37.716-31-11Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMon EN-DC of 3 bands LTE (3DL/1UL) and 1 NR band (1DL/1UL)
TR 37.716-33Mr. Zhou, WubinZTE Corporationon EN-DC of 3DL/3UL
TR 37.716-41-11Dr. Hejselbaek, JohannesNokia Denmarkon EN-DC of 4 bands LTE (4DL/1UL) and 1 NR band (1DL/1UL)
TR 37.716-41-22Mr. Oguma, YutaNTT DOCOMO INC.on EN-DC LTE xDL/1UL, NR FR1 1DL/1UL, NR FR2 1DL/1UL
TR 37.823Mr. Zhang, ChunhuiNanjing Ericsson Panda Com Ltdon Coexistence between LTE-MTC and NR
TR 37.824Dr. Subramani, SivaFuturewei Technologieson Coexistence between NB-IoT and NR
TR 37.901-5Mr. Borsato, RonaldAT&T GNS Belgium SPRLon 5G NR UE Application Layer Data Throughput Performance
TR 37.941Mr. Szydelko, MichalHuawei Technologies Sweden ABRF conformance for Radiated BS requirements
TR 37.985Dr. Webb, MatthewHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. LtdRAN aspects for V2X based on LTE and NR
TS 37.355Mr. Kitazoe, MasatoQUALCOMM JAPAN LLC.LTE Positioning Protocol (LPP)
TS 37.470Mr. Cao, GenChina UnicomW1 General Aspects and Principles
TS 37.471Mr. Cao, GenChina UnicomW1 Layer 1
TS 37.472Mr. Cao, GenChina UnicomW1 Signalling Transport
TS 37.473Mr. Cao, GenChina UnicomW1 Application Protocol (W1AP)
TR 37.815Mr. WANG, WEIChina Unicomon High Power UE for EN-DC (1 LTE FDD + 1 NR TDD)
TR 37.825Mr. Shao, ZheChina Mobile Group Device Co.on High Power UE for EN-DC (1 LTE TDD + 1 NR TDD)
TR 37.816Dr. LIU, LiangChina Mobile International Ltdon RAN-Centric Data Collection and Utilization
TR 37.910Dr. Wu, YongHuawei Technologies Sweden ABon Self Evaluation towards IMT-2020 Submission
TR 37.873Dr. Hsu, AlexMediaTek Inc.on optimizations of UE Radio Signalling for 4G/5G
TS 37.106Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies FranceUE Reqs for Shared Spectrum Channel Access
TS 37.107Miss Nurminen, RiikkaNokia CorporationBS Reqs for Shared Spectrum Channel Access
TS 37.213Dr. Falahati, SorourEricsson LMLayer 1 for Shared Spectrum Channel Access
TS 37.324Mr. Yang, YunsongFutureweiService Data Adaptation Protocol (SDAP)
TR 37.863-01-01Mr. Ando, KeiNTT DOCOMO INC.on DC Band Combinations of LTE 1DL/1UL
TR 37.863-02-01Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies Franceon DC Band combinations of LTE 2DL/1UL
TR 37.863-03-01Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMon DC Band Combinations of LTE 3DL/1UL
TR 37.863-04-01Mr. Vasenkari, PetriNokia Corporationon DC Band Combinations of LTE 4DL/1UL
TR 37.863-05-01Ms. Li, YankunSamsung R&D Institute UKon DC Band Combinations of LTE 5DL/1UL
TR 37.864-11-22Mr. Oguma, YutaNTT DOCOMO INC.on DC Band Combinations of LTE 1DL/1UL
TR 37.864-41-21Mr. Lim, SuhwanLG Electronics Inc.on DC Band Combinations of LTE xDL/1UL
TR 37.865-01-01Mr. Lindell, PerEricsson LMon Intra-band and Inter-band NR CA
TR 37.866-00-02Dr. Cao, AijunZTE Wistron Telecom ABon Inter-band NR Carrier Aggregation
TR 37.872Dr. Liu, YeHuawei Technologies Franceon SUL and LTE-NR co-existence
TR 37.885Dr. Seo, HanbyulLG Electronics Inc.on evaluation new V2X Use Cases for LTE and NR
TR 37.876Mr. Cao, GenChina Unicomon eNB(s) Architecture for E-UTRAN and NG-RAN
TS 37.340Mr. Parolari, SergioZTE CorporationE-UTRA and NR Multi-Connectivity
TR 37.843Mr. Kybett, RichardHuawei Tech.(UK) Co.. Ltdon Background for AAS BS Radiated Requirements
TR 37.805Mr. Cao, GenChina Unicomon HSPA and LTE Joint Operation
TR 37.871Dr. Ng, Man HungAlcatel-Lucenton Multi-Band BS Testing with 3 or more Bands
TS 37.544Mr. Fortes Lopez, Jose M.ROHDE & SCHWARZUE OTA Performance; Conformance Testing