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A  Trust modelp. 42

B  Security threatsp. 43

C (Normative)  MBMS security requirementsp. 46

D (Normative)  UICC-ME interfacep. 49

E  MIKEY features not used in MBMSp. 51

F (Normative)  MRK key derivation for ME based MBMS key managementp. 52

G (Normative)  HTTP based key management messagesp. 53

H  Signalling flows for MSK proceduresp. 57

I  Example of using MSKs and MTKs in MBMSp. 61

J  Mapping the MBMS security requirements into security functions and mechanismp. 62

K  SRTP features not used in MBMSp. 66

L (Normative)  Multicasting MBMS user data on Iub |R8|p. 67

M  Relation to IMS based MBMS user services |R8|p. 68

N (Normative)  GCSE security aspects |R12|p. 69

O (Normative)  Security aspects of xMB reference point between Content Provider and BM-SC |R14|p. 71

$  Change historyp. 72

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