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A (Normative)  Charging characteristicsWord‑p. 150

B (Normative)  Tx expiration; Failure Handling procedure and session failover mechanism descriptionWord‑p. 159

C  BibliographyWord‑p. 161

D (Normative)  Fixed Broadband Access |R12|

D.1  General

D.2  Architecture considerations

D.3  PS domain charging principles and scenariosWord‑p. 162

D.3.1  PS charging principles

D.3.2  PS domain offline charging scenariosWord‑p. 165

D.3.3  PS domain online charging scenariosWord‑p. 172

D.4  Definition of charging informationWord‑p. 174

D.5  Charging CharacteristicsWord‑p. 179

E  Inter-PLMN dedicated profile |R13|

$  Change historyWord‑p. 185

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