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A (Normative)  OpenAPI specificationWord‑p. 146

A.1  GeneralWord‑p. 146

A.2  Npcf_PolicyAuthorization APIWord‑p. 146

B (Normative)  IMS Related P-CSCF Procedures over N5 |R16|Word‑p. 173

B.1  Provision of Service Information at P-CSCFWord‑p. 173

B.2  Enabling of IP FlowsWord‑p. 175

B.3  Support for SIP forkingWord‑p. 177

B.4  Notification of AF Signalling Transmission Path StatusWord‑p. 179

B.5  Indication of Emergency Registration and Session EstablishmentWord‑p. 179

B.6  Support for Early Session disposition SDPWord‑p. 180

B.7  Provision of Signalling Flow Information at P-CSCFWord‑p. 181

B.8  Retrieval of network provided location informationWord‑p. 182

B.9  Resource SharingWord‑p. 185

B.10  Handling of MCPTT priority callWord‑p. 185

B.11  Handling of MCVideo priority callWord‑p. 186

B.12  Notification Access Type ChangeWord‑p. 187

B.13  Notification of PLMN ChangeWord‑p. 187

B.14  Coverage and Handoff Enhancements using Multimedia error robustness feature (CHEM)Word‑p. 188

B.15  Handling of a FLUS sessionWord‑p. 189

B.16  QoS hint support for data channel mediaWord‑p. 189

B.17  Handling of MPS SessionWord‑p. 190

C (Normative)  Flow identifiers: Format definition and examples |R16|Word‑p. 190

C.1  Format of a flow identifierWord‑p. 190

C.1.1  GeneralWord‑p. 190

D (Normative)  Wireless and wireline convergence access support |R16|Word‑p. 191

$  Change historyWord‑p. 195

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