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TS 29.514CT3
5GS — Policy Authorization Services

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V16.4.0 (Wzip)2020/03  157 p.
V15.6.0 (PDF)  2019/12  86 p.

WI Acronym:  5GS_Ph1-CT
Rapporteur:  Miss Garcia Azorero, FuencislaEricsson LM
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The present specification provides the stage 3 definition of the Npcf Policy Authorization Service of the 5G System.
Symbolic representation of 5GS Npcf services
This service creates policies as requested by the authorised AF for the PDU Session to which the AF session is bound.
  • Npcf_PolicyAuthorization

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1  ScopeWord-p. 10
2  References
3  Definitions and abbreviationsWord-p. 12
4  Npcf_PolicyAuthorization ServiceWord-p. 13
4.1  Service Description
4.2  Service Operations
4.2.1  Introduction
4.2.2  Npcf_PolicyAuthorization_Create service operation  General  Initial provisioning of service informationWord-p. 16  Gate controlWord-p. 19  Initial Background Data Transfer policy indicationWord-p. 20  Initial provisioning of sponsored connectivity information  Subscriptions to Service Data Flow QoS notification controlWord-p. 21  Subscription to Service Data Flow Deactivation  Initial provisioning of traffic routing informationWord-p. 22  Subscription to resources allocation outcomeWord-p. 23  Invocation of Multimedia Priority Services  Support of content versioningWord-p. 24  Request of access network information [R16]  Initial provisioning of service information status [R16]  Provisioning of signalling flow information [R16]  Support of resource sharing [R16]Word-p. 25  Indication of Emergency traffic [R16]Up  Invocation of MCPTT [R16]Word-p. 26  Invocation of MCVideo [R16]  Priority sharing indication [R16]  Subscription to Out of Credit notification [R16]Word-p. 27  Subscriptions to Service Data Flow QoS Monitoring Information [R16]  Provisioning of TSC Assistance Information [R16]Word-p. 28  Provisioning of port management information [R16]  Invocation of Mission Critical Services [R16]  P-CSCF restoration enhancements [R16]
4.2.3  Npcf_PolicyAuthorization_Update service operationWord-p. 29  General  Modification of service informationWord-p. 30  Gate controlWord-p. 32  Background Data Transfer policy indication at policy authorization updateWord-p. 33  Modification of sponsored connectivity information  Modification of Subscription to Service Data Flow QoS notification controlWord-p. 34  Modification of Subscription to Service Data Flow Deactivation  Update of traffic routing informationWord-p. 35  Modification of subscription to resources allocation outcome  Modification of Multimedia Priority ServicesUp  Support of content versioningWord-p. 36  Request of access network information [R16]  Modification of service information status [R16]  Support of SIP forking [R16]Word-p. 37  Provisioning of signalling flow information [R16]  Support of resource sharing [R16]  Modification of MCPTT [R16]  Modification of MCVideo [R16]Word-p. 38  Priority sharing indication [R16]  Modification of Subscription to Out of Credit notification [R16]Up  Modification of Subscription to Service Data Flow QoS Monitoring Information [R16]Word-p. 39  Provisioning of TSC Assistance Information [R16]  Provisioning of port management information [R16]  Modification of Mission Critical Services [R16]
4.2.4  Npcf_PolicyAuthorization_Delete service operationWord-p. 40
4.2.5  Npcf_PolicyAuthorization_Notify service operationWord-p. 44
4.2.6  Npcf_PolicyAuthorization_Subscribe service operationWord-p. 51
4.2.7  Npcf_PolicyAuthorization_Unsubscribe service operation
5  Npcf_PolicyAuthorization Service APIWord-p. 57
5.1  IntroductionUp
5.2  Usage of HTTP
5.3  Resources
5.4  Custom Operations without associated resources
5.5  Notifications
5.6  Data ModelWord-p. 67
5.6.1  General
5.6.2  Structured data typesWord-p. 71  Introduction  Type AppSessionContext  Type AppSessionContextReqDataWord-p. 72  Type AppSessionContextRespDataWord-p. 73  Type AppSessionContextUpdateDataWord-p. 74  Type EventsSubscReqDataWord-p. 75  Type MediaComponentWord-p. 76  Type MediaSubComponentWord-p. 78  Type EventsNotificationWord-p. 79  Type AfEventSubscriptionWord-p. 80  Type AfEventNotification  Type TerminationInfoWord-p. 81  Type AfRoutingRequirement  Type ResourcesAllocationInfo  Type QosNotificationControlInfoWord-p. 82  Type SpatialValidity  Type EthFlowDescriptionWord-p. 83  Type AnGwAddressWord-p. 84  Type Flows  Type TemporalValidityWord-p. 85  Type AfRoutingRequirementRm  Type EventsSubscReqDataRm  Type MediaComponentRmWord-p. 86  Type MediaSubComponentRmWord-p. 88  Type SpatialValidityRmWord-p. 89  Type ExtendedProblemDetails [R16]  Type AcceptableServiceInfo [R16]Word-p. 90  Type UeIdentityInfo [R16]Up  Type AccessNetChargingIdentifier [R16]  Type OutOfCreditInformation [R16]  Type QosMonitoringInformation [R16]Word-p. 91  Type TsnQoSContainer [R16]  Type PcscfRestorationRequestData [R16]Word-p. 92
5.6.3  Simple data types and enumerations
5.7  Error handling
5.8  Feature negotiationWord-p. 99
5.9  SecurityWord-p. 101
A (Normative)  OpenAPI specificationWord-p. 102
B (Normative)  IMS Related P-CSCF Procedures over N5 [R16]Word-p. 122
B.1  Provision of Service Information at P-CSCF
B.2  Enabling of IP FlowsWord-p. 124
B.3  Support for SIP forking
B.4  Notification of AF Signalling Transmission Path StatusWord-p. 128
B.5  Indication of Emergency Registration and Session Establishment
B.6  Support for Early Session disposition SDPWord-p. 129
B.7  Provision of Signalling Flow Information at P-CSCF
B.8  Retrieval of network provided location informationWord-p. 131
B.9  Resource SharingWord-p. 133
B.10  Handling of MCPTT priority callWord-p. 134
B.11  Handling of MCVideo priority callWord-p. 135
B.12  Notification Access Type Change
B.13  Notification of PLMN ChangeWord-p. 136
B.14  Coverage and Handoff Enhancements using Multimedia error robustness feature (CHEM)
C (Normative)  Flow identifiers: Format definition and examples [R16]Word-p. 137
D (Normative)  Wireless and wireline convergence access support [R16]Word-p. 138
E  Change historyWord-p. 141

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