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10  Formats and codesp. 10

11  Mandatory Support of SDP and H.248 Annex C information elementsp. 17

12  General on packages and Transactionsp. 17


14  Call independent H.248 transactionsp. 17

15  Transactions towards IM CN Subsystemp. 17

16  Transactions towards ISUPp. 18

17  Transactions towards BICCp. 18

A (Normative)  Profile Descriptionp. 18

A.1  Profile Identificationp. 18

A.2  Summaryp. 19

A.3  Gateway Control Protocol Versionp. 19

A.4  Connection Modelp. 19

A.5  Context Attributesp. 19

A.6  Terminationsp. 20

A.7  Descriptorsp. 24

A.8  Command APIp. 28

A.9  Generic command syntax and encodingp. 33

A.10  Transactionsp. 33

A.11  Messagesp. 34

A.12  Transportp. 34

A.13  Securityp. 35

A.14  Packagesp. 35

A.14.1  Generic Packagep. 38

A.14.2  Base Root Packagep. 39

A.14.3  Basic DTMF Generator Packagep. 40

A.14.4  Basic DTMF Detection Packagep. 41

A.14.5  TDM Circuit Packagep. 41

A.14.6  MGW Congestion Packagep. 42

A.14.7  Continuity Packagep. 43

A.14.8  Announcement Packagep. 43

A.14.9  Bearer Characteristics Packagep. 44

A.14.10  Generic Bearer Connection Packagep. 44

A.14.11  Call Progress Tones Generator Package v1p. 45

A.14.12  Basic Call Progress Tones Generator with Directionalityp. 46

A.14.13  Expanded Call Progress Tones Generator Packagep. 46

A.14.14  Basic Services Tones Generation Packagep. 47

A.14.15  Bearer Control Tunnelling Packagep. 48

A.14.16  Expanded Services Tones Generation Packagep. 49

A.14.17  Intrusion Tones Generation Packagep. 49

A.14.18  3GUP Packagep. 50

A.14.19  Modification of Link Characteristics Bearer Capabilityp. 51

A.14.20  Hanging Termination Detection Packagep. 51

A.14.21  TFO packagep. 52

A.14.22  Media Gateway Overload Control Packagep. 53

A.14.23  Inactivity Timer Package |R7|p. 53

A.14.24  MGC Information Package |R7|p. 54

A.14.25  RTP Package |R7|p. 54

A.14.26  Tone Generator Package |R7|p. 55

A.14.27  Tone Detection Package |R7|p. 55

A.14.28  H324 Package |R7|p. 57

A.14.29  H.245 Transport Package |R7|p. 58

A.14.30  IP domain connection |R7|p. 58

A.14.31  H.245 Transport Package for SPC use |R8|p. 59

A.14.32  MONA preference package |R8|p. 60

A.14.33  3G Interface Type package |R8|p. 62

A.14.34  RTCP Feedback Message package |R8|p. 62

A.14.35  Explicit Congestion Notification for RTP-over-UDP Support (ecnrous) |R10|p. 64

A.14.36  Differentiated Services (ds) |R11|p. 65

A.14.37  MG Act-as STUN Server (mgastuns) |R12|p. 66

A.14.38  Originate STUN Continuity Check (ostuncc) |R12|p. 67

A.14.39  Enhanced Revised Offer/Answer SDP Support (eroas) |R13|p. 68

A.15  Mandatory support of SDP and H.248 Annex C information elementsp. 69

A.16  Optional support of SDP and H.248 Annex C information elementsp. 71

A.17  Proceduresp. 71

A.17.1  Call Independent Proceduresp. 71

A.17.2  IMS Terminations Proceduresp. 73

A.17.3  TDM Terminations Proceduresp. 85

A.17.4  BICC Terminations Proceduresp. 88

A.17.5  Multiplex Termination Procedures |R7|p. 89

A.17.6  SIP-I on Nc Terminations Procedures |R8|p. 99

B (Normative)  Void

C (Normative)  Void

$  Change historyp. 103

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