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TS 29.332CT4
Mn Interface

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V14.0.0  2017/03  114 p.
V13.2.0  2016/06  109 p.
V12.1.0  2015/01  106 p.
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Rapporteur:  Mr. Schmitt, Peter

The Mn interface provides the Media Gateway Control for interworking between the IMS and CS domain (ISUP, BICC and SIP-I). The basis for this protocol is the H.248 protocol as specified in ITU-T. The interaction of the MGCF-IM MGW interface signalling procedures in relation to the SIP, and BICC/ISUP signalling at the MGCF are described in TS 29.163. The interaction of the MGCF-IM MGW interface signalling procedures in relation to the IMS SIP and SIP-I on Nc at the MGCF are described in TS 29.235.

full Table of Contents for  TS 29.332  Word version:   15.0.0

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1  ScopeWord-p. 7
2  References
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviationsWord-p. 10
4  UMTS capability setWord-p. 12
5  Naming conventions
6  Topology descriptorUp
7  Transaction timers
8  Transport
9  Multiple Virtual MG.
10  Formats and codesWord-p. 13
11  Mandatory Support of SDP and H.248 Annex C information elementsWord-p. 20
12  General on packages and Transactions
14  Call independent H.248 transactions
15  Transactions towards IM CN SubsystemUp
16  Transactions towards ISUPWord-p. 21
17  Transactions towards BICC
A (Normative)  Profile Description
A.1  Profile Identification
A.2  SummaryUp
A.3  Gateway Control Protocol VersionWord-p. 22
A.4  Connection Model
A.5  Context Attributes
A.6  TerminationsWord-p. 23
A.7  DescriptorsWord-p. 27
A.8  Command API
A.9  Generic command syntax and encoding
A.10  Transactions
A.11  MessagesWord-p. 37
A.12  Transport
A.13  SecurityWord-p. 38
A.14  Packages
A.14.1  Generic PackageWord-p. 41
A.14.2  Base Root PackageWord-p. 42
A.14.3  Basic DTMF Generator PackageWord-p. 43
A.14.4  Basic DTMF Detection PackageWord-p. 44
A.14.5  TDM Circuit Package
A.14.6  MGW Congestion PackageWord-p. 45
A.14.7  Continuity PackageWord-p. 46
A.14.8  Announcement Package
A.14.9  Bearer Characteristics PackageWord-p. 47
A.14.10  Generic Bearer Connection Package
A.14.11  Call Progress Tones Generator Package v1Word-p. 48
A.14.12  Basic Call Progress Tones Generator with DirectionalityWord-p. 49
A.14.13  Expanded Call Progress Tones Generator Package
A.14.14  Basic Services Tones Generation PackageWord-p. 50
A.14.15  Bearer Control Tunnelling PackageWord-p. 51
A.14.16  Expanded Services Tones Generation PackageWord-p. 52
A.14.17  Intrusion Tones Generation Package
A.14.18  3GUP PackageWord-p. 53
A.14.19  Modification of Link Characteristics Bearer CapabilityWord-p. 54
A.14.20  Hanging Termination Detection Package
A.14.21  TFO packageWord-p. 55
A.14.22  Media Gateway Overload Control PackageWord-p. 56
A.14.23  Inactivity Timer Package [R7]
A.14.24  MGC Information Package [R7]Word-p. 57
A.14.25  RTP Package [R7]
A.14.26  Tone Generator Package [R7]Word-p. 58
A.14.27  Tone Detection Package [R7]
A.14.28  H324 Package [R7]Word-p. 60
A.14.29  H.245 Transport Package [R7]Word-p. 61
A.14.30  IP domain connection [R7]
A.14.31  H.245 Transport Package for SPC use [R8]Word-p. 62
A.14.32  MONA preference package [R8]Word-p. 63
A.14.33  3G Interface Type package [R8]Word-p. 65
A.14.34  RTCP Feedback Message package [R8]
A.14.35  Explicit Congestion Notification for RTP-over-UDP Support (ecnrous) [R10]Word-p. 67
A.14.36  Differentiated Services (ds) [R11]Word-p. 68
A.14.37  MG Act-as STUN Server (mgastuns) [R12]Word-p. 69
A.14.38  Originate STUN Continuity Check (ostuncc) [R12]Word-p. 70
A.14.39  Enhanced Revised Offer/Answer SDP Support (eroas) [R13]Word-p. 71
A.15  Mandatory support of SDP and H.248 Annex C information elementsWord-p. 72
A.16  Optional support of SDP and H.248 Annex C information elementsWord-p. 74
A.17  ProceduresUp
A.17.1  Call Independent Procedures
A.17.2  IMS Terminations ProceduresWord-p. 76
A.17.3  TDM Terminations ProceduresWord-p. 88
A.17.4  BICC Terminations ProceduresWord-p. 91
A.17.5  Multiplex Termination Procedures [R7]Word-p. 92
A.17.6  SIP-I on Nc Terminations Procedures [R8]Word-p. 102
B (Normative)  Void
C (Normative)  Void
D  Change historyWord-p. 106

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