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A  Protocolsp. 94

B  SMIL authoring guidelinesp. 118

C (Normative)  MIME media typesp. 119

D (Normative)  3GP files - codecs and identificationp. 121

E (Normative)  RTP payload format and file storage format for AMR and AMR-WB audiop. 122

F (Normative)  RDF schema for the PSS base vocabulary |R5|p. 123

G (Normative)  Buffering of video |R5|p. 135

H  Content creator guidelines for the synthetic audio medium type |R5|p. 138


J  Mapping of SDP parameters to UMTS QoS parameters |R5|p. 140

K (Normative)  Void

L  SVG Tiny 1.2 content creation guidelines |R6|p. 142

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