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This document is a technical report which was requested in the Objective 2 of the RAN4 work item description "FDD Home NodeB RF requirements" [5]. The goal of this technical report is to describe the agreed approach towards the RF related issues raised in [5]:
  1. The existing UTRA BS classes did not fully address the RF requirements of the HNB application. Proposals for changes to radio performance requirement specifications TS 25.104 are therefore provided in this report, together with the proposals for the test specification TS 25.141. Most of the HNB-specific additions to TS 25.104 / TS 25.141 were accommodated in a manner similar to the other BS classes.
    Editors note:
    • Where square bracketed values are suggested in TR 25.820, to conduct further work as required to agree appropriate values.
    • Where it is suggested that performance values in TS 25.104 may be subject to change to conduct further work as required to see if this is necessary.
  2. The report intends to ensure that operators are provided with sufficient information to fully understand the issues concerning the deployment of HNBs:
    • Deployment scenarios and their potential bottlenecks.
    • Guidance on how to control the interference to surrounding macro networks and provide good coverage for the HNB
    • Testing of the HNB.

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