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10.3  Information element functional definitions

10.3.1  CN Information elements

10.3.2  UTRAN mobility Information elements

10.3.3  UE Information elements  Activation time  Capability Update RequirementWord‑p. 847  Cell update cause  Ciphering AlgorithmWord‑p. 848  Ciphering mode info  CN domain specific DRX cycle length coefficientWord‑p. 849  Common E-RNTI info |R8|  C-RNTI  CSG proximity indication capability |R9|Word‑p. 850  DSCH-RNTI  E-RNTI |R6|  Establishment causeWord‑p. 851  Expiration Time FactorWord‑p. 852  Extended Wait Time |R10|  Expiration Time Factor 2 |R12|  Failure cause  Failure cause and error informationWord‑p. 853  Group release information |R5|Word‑p. 854  H-RNTI |R5|  IMS Voice capability |R9|  Initial UE identity  Integrity check infoWord‑p. 855  Integrity protection activation infoWord‑p. 856  Integrity protection Algorithm  Integrity protection mode info  Measurement capabilityWord‑p. 857  Measurement capability extensionWord‑p. 862  Measurement capability TDD |R8|Word‑p. 866  Multiflow capability |R11|Word‑p. 867  Multiflow per band capability |R11|Word‑p. 868  Neighbour Cell SI acquisition capability |R9|Word‑p. 870  Paging cause  Paging record  PDCP capabilityWord‑p. 871  Physical channel capabilityWord‑p. 872  Pre-redirection info |R8|Word‑p. 882  Protocol error cause  Protocol error indicatorWord‑p. 883  RB timer indicator  Redirection info  Re-establishment timerWord‑p. 884  Rejection cause  Release cause  RF Capability Compressed |R5|Word‑p. 885  RF capability FDD  RF capability FDD extensionWord‑p. 886  RF capability TDDWord‑p. 887  RF capability TDD 1.28 Mcps |R4|  RLC capabilityWord‑p. 888  RLC re-establish indicator  RRC State Indicator  RRC connection release information |R5|Word‑p. 889  RRC transaction identifier  rSR-VCC Info |R11|  Security capabilityWord‑p. 890  Signalling Connection Release Indication Cause |R8|  START  Transport channel capabilityWord‑p. 891  UE multi-mode/multi-RAT capabilityWord‑p. 893  UE radio access capabilityWord‑p. 894  UE radio access capability compressed |R5|Word‑p. 907  UE radio access capability comp 2 |R6|Word‑p. 908  UE radio access capability comp for 1.28 Mcps TDD |R8|Word‑p. 912  UE radio access capability extensionWord‑p. 913  UE security informationWord‑p. 917  UE security information2 |R6|  UE Timers and Constants in connected mode  UE Timers and Constants in idle modeWord‑p. 919  UE positioning capabilityWord‑p. 920  GANSS Signal Id |R7|Word‑p. 922  URA update causeWord‑p. 923  U-RNTI  U-RNTI group |R5|Word‑p. 924  U-RNTI ShortWord‑p. 925  UTRAN DRX cycle length coefficient  Wait time  UE Specific Behaviour Information 1 idleWord‑p. 926  UE Specific Behaviour Information 1 interRAT  UE based network performance measurements parameters |R10|

10.3.4  Radio Bearer Information elements

10.3.4.oa  Common RB mapping info |R7|  Default configuration identity  Default configuration for CELL_FACH |R8|Word‑p. 927  Downlink RLC STATUS info  PDCP context relocation info |R5|Word‑p. 928  PDCP info  PDCP ROHC target mode |R5|Word‑p. 930  PDCP SN infoWord‑p. 931  Polling info  Predefined configuration identity  Predefined configuration status information  Predefined configuration status information compressed |R5|Word‑p. 932  Predefined configuration value tagWord‑p. 933  Predefined RB configurationWord‑p. 934  RAB info  RAB info PostWord‑p. 935  RAB information for MBMS ptp bearers |R7|  RAB information for setupWord‑p. 936  RAB information to reconfigureWord‑p. 937  RAB info to replace |R8|  NAS Synchronization indicator  RB activation time infoWord‑p. 938  RB COUNT-C MSB information  RB COUNT-C information  RB identity  RB information to be affectedWord‑p. 939  RB information to reconfigure  RB information to release  RB information to setup  RB mapping infoWord‑p. 940  RB with PDCP informationWord‑p. 943  RLC infoWord‑p. 944  RLC info MBMS |R6|Word‑p. 945  Signalling RB information to setupWord‑p. 946  SR-VCC Info |R8|  Transmission RLC Discard  UM Duplication Avoidance and Reordering info |R6|Word‑p. 948  UM Out of sequence delivery info |R6|

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