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5  Key IssuesWord‑p. 10

6  Solutions

6.1  Solution 1: Entire IMS in localized network

6.2  Solution 2: IMS AS Influences routing of IMS media traffic as a 5G AF

6.3  Solution 3: P-CSCF Influences routing of IMS media traffic as a 5G AF

6.4  Solution 4: Multi-homing based PSA addition to the PDU Session for IMS for localized routing

6.5  Solution 5: Routing of IMS traffic via a localised UPF with two IP addresses

6.6  Solution 6: Routing of IMS traffic via a localised UPF with three IP addresses

6.7  Solution 7: IMS traffic local routing by applying AF influence mechanism

6.8  Solution 8: Application Function influence on network slice selection

6.9  Solution 9: Enhancements to Npcf services to support IMS functionalityWord‑p. 35

6.10  Solution 10: Reuse of UDM services and operations for SBA-based Sh interface

6.11  Solution 11: Procedure for UE to route IMS traffic via multiple 5GC network slices to the same IMS network

6.12  Solution 12: New SBA services dedicated for Cx Operations

6.13  Solution 13: Reuse services and operations of UDM and NRF for SBA-based Cx interface

6.14  Solution 14: IMS utilize services provided by Npcf

6.15  Solution 15: IMS utilize services provided by AMF

6.16  Solution 16: Enabling SBI-based Sh Using New ServiceWord‑p. 55

6.17  Solution 17: Slicing information carried in the IMS registration and for T-ADS

6.18  Solution 18: NRF based P-CSCF discoveryWord‑p. 63

6.19  Solution 19: IMS signalling and media of an application through one 5GC slice

6.20  Solution 20: Selection of Rx or N5 based on P-GW trunk id.

6.21  Solution 21: Selection of Nx or N5 based on UE Contact IP address

6.22  Solution 22: IMS services for SBA-based Cx interface

6.23  Solution 23: IMS services for SBA-based Sh interface

6.24  Solution 24: PCF discovery and selection for IMS

6.25  Solution 25: Selection of Nx or N5 based on two different P-CSCF FQDN/IP@

6.26  Solution 26: Use of NRF for User identity to HSS resolutionWord‑p. 76

7  Overall Evaluation

8  ConclusionsWord‑p. 82

$  Change HistoryWord‑p. 84

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