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D  V2X Message Distribution Server deployment optionp. 37

D.1  General Descriptionp. 37

In the case of non-session based V2X services (i.e. Road Status Notification), it is possible that a single V2X message needs to be delivered to multiple locally relevant V2X Application Servers. In order to provide network support for the distribution of these V2X messages to multiple V2X Application Servers, a possible deployment option includes a V2X Message Distribution Server behind the L/PGW as illustrated in Figure D.1-1. It is configured to distinguish whether a V2X message needs to be delivered to multiple V2X Application Servers and send them accordingly.
UEs discover and send V2X messages to these network deployed distribution servers in the same way as to V2X Application Servers. From the UE perspective, it is communicating with a V2X Application Server and is not aware whether any of the V2X messages are further distributed onward to other servers.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 23.285, Fig. D.1-1: V2X message distribution server deployment option

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