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4  Detailed Procedures in the network related to Location Managementp. 12

The text in this clause is a supplement to the definition in the SDL diagrams; it does not duplicate the information in the SDL diagrams.
This specification shows the location management application processes interworking with the MAP protocol handler, which is specified in TS 29.002. The MAP protocol defines supervision timers. If a supervision timer expires before a distant entity responds to a signal, the handling is as defined in TS 29.002. In general, the protocol handler reports timer expiry to the application as an error condition or negative response. Where a timer is shown in this specification, therefore, it is an application timer rather than a protocol timer. Interworking with the protocol handlers uses functional signal names which do not necessarily have a one-to-one correspondence with the names of messages used in the MAP protocols.

4.1  Location Updatingp. 12

4.1.1  Detailed procedure in the MSCp. 12  Process Update_Location_Area_MSCp. 12

Sheet 1: Location Update corresponds to a Location_Registration_Request indicating any of the following:
  • Normal location update;
  • Periodic location update;
  • IMSI attach.
Sheet 1: The procedures Check_IMEI_MSC, Obtain_IMEI_MSC and Obtain_IMSI_MSC are specified in TS 23.018.
Sheet 1: The input signal "Send UESBI-Iu to Access Network" carries the IMEISV.
Sheet 1: The task "Convert IMEISV to UESBI" is defined in TS 23.195.
Sheet 2: The procedure Check_IMEI_MSC is specified in TS 23.018.
Sheet 2: When the MSC receives a Set Ciphering Mode request from the VLR, it sends a Start ciphering request towards the MS. After that, the Forward new TMSI and Update Location Area ack may be received in any order.
Sheet 2: The Forward new TMSI may also be received prior to Update Location Area negative response if the option "TMSI reallocation in case of Location Update reject with cause #13 (roaming not allowed in Location Area) or #15 (no suitable cells in Location Area)" is applicable (see clause The new TMSI is forwarded together with the new LAI. They are kept in the UE/SIM on receipt of the Location Update reject with cause #13 or #15 (see TS 24.008).
Sheet 2: IMEISV trace list shall be made available to the MSC. The list may contain IMEISV entries if Management Based Trace Activation is supported in RAN and MSC has received the trace list in the Uplink Information Transfer message (See TS 32.422 and TS 25.413). The test "Current IMEISV included in IMEISV trace list?" will follow the "no" case when no entries exist.
Sheet 2: For Trace Invocation in RAN concepts and procedures see TS 32.421, TS 32.422 and TS 25.413.
Sheet 2: IMEISV trace list
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 23.012, Fig. (sheet 1 of 2) Process Update_Location_Area_MSC
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 23.012, Fig. (sheet 2 of 2) Process Update_Location_Area_MSC

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