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5.12  Priority service call progression - MSC - outgoing trunk queuing - timeoutp. 30

This clause illustrates the call flow for call progression for a Priority Service call with trunk queuing at the originating MSC but the Priority Service request times out of the trunk queue before a trunk becomes available.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 22.952, Fig. 5.12: Call Progression - MSC - Outgoing Trunk Queuing - Timeout
Same as described in steps A-K of Clause 5.11.
If the trunk queuing timer expires before an idle trunk becomes available, the MSC/VLR removes the call from the outgoing trunk queue. The MSC/VLR then initiates call clearing by stopping all running CC timers, sending a Disconnect message to the MS with cause #34 "no circuit/channel available", and starting CC timer T305.
Same as described in steps J-K of Clause 5.5.
On receipt of the Release Complete message, the MS stops all running CC timers and releases the MM connection. The MSC/VLR indicates that the radio resource(s) should be released by sending a Clear Command message to the BSS with cause "Requested terrestrial resource unavailable".
Same as described in steps M-N of Clause 5.5.

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