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5.7  Priority service call origination - radio resources unavailable and queue timeoutp. 26

This clause illustrates a MO Priority Service call setup with early assignment for Service User. In this scenario, radio traffic channels are not available when the Priority Service call is attempted, and the Priority Service request has been queued but the queuing timer has timed-out.
Copy of original 3GPP image for 3GPP TS 22.952, Fig. 5.7: Priority Service Mobile Originated - Queue Time-Out
Same as described in steps A-I of Clause 5.3.
If timer T11 expires before an idle radio traffic channel becomes available, the Assignment Request message is removed from the queue and a Clear Request message is sent to the MSC/VLR with cause "No Radio Resource Available".
The MSC/VLR indicates that the radio resource(s) should be released by sending a Clear Command message to the BSS with cause "No Radio Resource Available".
Same as described in steps M-N of Clause 5.5.

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