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TS 22.220 (SA1)
Service Requirements for HNB and HeNB

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Rapporteur:  Dr. Swetina, Joerg
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In Rel-8, 3GPP has specified the basic functionalities for the support of Home Node B (HNB) and Home eNodeB (HeNB). The requirements for these basic functionalities were captured in TS 22.011.

From Rel-9 onward, it has been agreed to consolidate all the requirements from Rel-8 and further requirements for HNB and HeNB in a new TS, which is this specification.

This specification defines the service requirements for the basic functionalities for the support of Home NodeB (HNB) and Home eNodeB (HeNB) – jointly referred to as H(e)NB – and the further functionalities that will enable the mobile operators to provide more advanced services as well as improving the user experience.

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1  Scope [R9]Word-p. 6
2  References [R9]
3  Definitions, symbols and abbreviations [R9]
4  General [R9]
5  Common requirements for Home NodeB / Home eNodeB [R9]
6  Requirements for Home NodeB [R9]
7  Requirements for Home eNodeB [R9]Word-p. 16
8  Quality of Service [R9]
9  Security and privacy [R9]
10  Charging Aspects [R9]Word-p. 17
A  Use cases [R9]Word-p. 18
B  Clarification of H(e)NB Access Modes [R9]Word-p. 21
C  Overview of identifiers and names. [R9]Word-p. 22
D  Change historyWord-p. 24

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