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4  General principles

4.1  Objective

The objective of a 3GPP Technical Specification or Technical Report is to define clear and unambiguous provisions in order to facilitate international trade and communication. To achieve this objective, the 3GPP TS or TR shall:
  • be as complete as necessary within the limits specified by its scope;
  • be consistent, clear and accurate;
  • provide a framework for future technological development; and
  • be comprehensible to qualified persons who have not participated in its preparation.

4.2  Homogeneity

Uniformity of structure, of style and of terminology shall be maintained not only within each 3GPP TS or 3GPP TR, but also within a series of associated 3GPP TSs or 3GPP TRs. The structure of associated 3GPP TSs or 3GPP TRs and the numbering of their clauses shall, as far as possible, be identical. Analogous wording shall be used to express analogous provisions; identical wording shall be used to express identical provisions.
The same term shall be used throughout each 3GPP TS or 3GPP TR or series of 3GPP TSs or 3GPP TRs to designate a given concept. The use of an alternative term (synonym) for a concept already defined shall be avoided. As far as possible, only one meaning shall be attributed to each term chosen.
These requirements are particularly important not only to ensure comprehension of the 3GPP TS or 3GPP TR but also to derive the maximum benefit available through automated text processing techniques.
See also clause 5.3.

4.3  Consistency of 3GPP TSs and 3GPP TRs

In order to achieve the aim of consistency within the complete body of 3GPP TSs and 3GPP TRs, the text of every 3GPP TS and 3GPP TR shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of existing basic 3GPP TSs and 3GPP TRs. This relates particularly to:
  • standardized terminology;
  • principles and methods of terminology;
  • quantities, units and their symbols;
  • abbreviations;
  • bibliographic references; and
  • graphical symbols.
In addition, for specific technical aspects, the relevant provisions of general 3GPP TSs or 3GPP TRs dealing with the following subjects shall be respected:
  • limits;
  • tolerancing of dimensions and uncertainty of measurement;
  • preferred numbers;
  • statistical methods;
  • environmental conditions and associated tests.

4.4  Equivalence of official language versionsWord‑p. 9
3GPP TSs or 3GPP TRs shall be in the English language only.

4.5  Fitness for implementation as a national, regional or international standard

The content of a 3GPP TS or 3GPP TR shall be drawn up in such a way as to facilitate its direct application and its adoption without change as a national, regional or international standard.

4.6  Planning

In order to ensure the timely publication of a 3GPP TS or 3GPP TR or of a series of associated 3GPP TSs or 3GPP TRs, the intended structure and any interrelationships shall be established before detailed drafting begins. In particular, consideration shall be given to the subdivision of the subject matter (see clause 5.1). In the case of a multi-part 3GPP TS or 3GPP TR, a list of the intended parts together with their titles shall be drawn up. The rules given in the present document shall be applied from the very beginning of the work and throughout all subsequent stages to avoid delay at any stage.


4.8  Use of inclusive languageWord‑p. 10
3GPP TSs and TRs should not contain non-inclusive terminology.
Terms that have been deemed to fall into this category are listed in Annex K and should be replaced by inclusive terminology.
Where a change in terminology would introduce backwards incompatibilities or interoperability issues, a deliverable may contain such terminology.

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